2016 NFL Week 10 Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

The Tennessee Titans' Marcus Mariota continues to impress with his third game with a quarterback rating exceeding 130.0 in his last five games. Mariota had a near perfect 149.8 QB Rating during Week 10 against the Packers to go along with a 148.1 rating versus the Jaguars in Week 8 and a 139.2 rating in Week 6 versus the Browns. Each of those games resulted in victory.

The quarterbacks with the best completion percentages during Week 10 were the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger at 80.4% (46-37-408-3-0) and the Vikings' Sam Bradford 77.5 (40-31-307-2-1). Both lost. Roethlisberger lost in a shootout with the Cowboys and Dak Prescott while Bradford fell to the Redskins led by Kirk Cousins.

Among the biggest surprises, at least in relation to his play through Week 9, Ryan Tannehill actually wound up with a more than decent QB Rating of 130.6 in the Dolphins victory over the Chargers. It was the first time that Tannehill broke the 100.0 rating mark this season, quite an oddity for a quarterback whose team has won four in a row and five of the last seven. Of course, the emergence of running back Jay Ajayi certainly has helped. Ajayi has amassed 725 yards rushing on 128 carries for a 5.7 yard average and six rushing touchdowns.

Coach Hue Jackson of the Browns may have regretted his decision to bench rookie quarterback Cody Kessler shortly after the start of the second half against the Ravens with Cleveland still in the game, although trailing 13-7. Not because Kessler was playing so well but because his replacement Josh McCown came in and stunk up the joint completing only 46.2% of his passing, throwing two interceptions, fumbling twice, being sacked three times and having game day QB Rating of a mere 19.9. Jackson went to McCown hoping to light a spark since Kessler, despite a game rating of 92.6, could not get the ball downfield to his highly capable receivers Terrelle Pryor, Corey Coleman and Gary Barnidge. Well, McCown lit that spark. Unfortunately, it resulted in a conflagration resulting in a 28-7 Ravens victory.

McCown wasn't the only quarterback who had a hard time in Week 10. Three talented starters failed to earn a QB rating of 70.0. Jay Cutler, who put together a good game in Week 9, which was his first game back after being out with injury, couldn't solve the Buccaneers defense and had a rating of 55.1 in the Bears 36-10 loss to Tampa Bay. The usually reliable Philip Rivers, tossed four fourth quarter interceptions resulting in a 61.4 rating and a Chargers' 31-24 loss to the Dolphins. The Chiefs' Alex Smith played small ball against the Panthers, averaging only 4.7 yards per attempt, but his 65.5 rating was good enough to beat Cam Newton (78.9 rating) and the Panthers 20-17.

Finally, even though Case Keenum led, well at least quarterbacked, the Rams to a 9-6 victory over the Jets, his 72.2 rating was barely better than his opponent's, Bryce Petty (70.2), and Coach Jeff Fisher has determined that now is the time to take a look at the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Jared Goff.

2016 Week 10 Passing Statistics
Marcus MariotaTitansPackers261973.129511.315.5415.400.0221149.8W 47 - 25
DeMarco MurrayTitansPackers11100.01010.010.01100.000.000147.9W 47 - 25
Ryan TannehillDolphinsChargers241770.824010.014.128.300.019130.6W 31 - 24
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersCowboys463780.44088.911.036.500.018125.4L 30 - 35
Russell WilsonSeahawksPatriots372567.63489.413.938.100.0324124.6W 31 - 24
Dak PrescottCowboysSteelers322268.831910.014.526.200.0224121.7W 35 - 30
Drew BreesSaintsBroncos292172.430310.414.4310.326.9110111.7L 23 - 25
Kirk CousinsRedskinsVikings332266.72627.911.926.100.012110.9W 26 - 20
Jameis WinstonBuccaneersBears332369.73129.513.626.113.0432107.1W 36 - 10
Sam BradfordVikingsRedskins403177.53077.79.925.012.5323104.9L 20 - 26
Joe FlaccoRavensBrowns413073.22967.29.937.324.921997.2W 28 - 7
Cody KesslerBrownsRavens181161.1915.18.315.600.011092.6L 7 - 28
Tom BradyPatriotsSeahawks322371.93169.913.700.013.121290.1L 24 - 31
Colin Kaepernick49ersCardinals301756.72107.012.413.300.031289.6L 20 - 23
Carson WentzEaglesFalcons362569.42316. 24 - 15
Brock OsweilerTexansJaguars271451.9993.77.127.400.01785.3W 24 - 21
Blake BortlesJaguarsTexans493265.32655.48.324.112.021884.1L 21 - 24
Eli ManningGiantsBengals442863.62405.58.636.824.511181.6W 21 - 20
Aaron RodgersPackersTitans513160.83717.312.023.923.954679.8L 25 - 47
Cam NewtonPanthersChiefs382360.52616.911.312.612.621978.9L 17 - 20
Matt RyanFalconsEagles331854.52678.114.813.013.021278.7L 15 - 24
Trevor SiemianBroncosSaints402562.52586.510.325.025.062476.9W 25 - 23
Carson PalmerCardinals49ers493061.23767.712.512.024.121374.9W 23 - 20
Andy DaltonBengalsGiants291655.22047.012.813.413.431874.5L 20 - 21
Case KeenumRamsJets301756.71655.59.700.000.031072.2W 9 - 6
Bryce PettyJetsRams321959.41635.18.613.113.11670.2L 6 - 9
Alex SmithChiefsPanthers382565.81784. 20 - 17
Philip RiversChargersDolphins442352.33267.414.236.849.131761.4L 24 - 31
Jay CutlerBearsBuccaneers301653.31826.111.413.326.742155.1L 10 - 36
Brett HundleyPackersTitans4125. 25 - 47
Josh McCownBrownsRavens13646.2594.59.800.0215.432919.9L 7 - 28