2016 NFL Week 13 Passing Statistics and More

By Chris Malumphy

Although much denigrated, QB Ratings do have real value as they are great indicators of whether a quarterback played well or poorly during a game. Show me the rating of just one of the quarterbacks in a game and I can tell you whether his team won or lost with a high probability of being correct even without any other information at all. It's probably because touchdown passes and interceptions are so heavily weighted in the calculation. Tell me the ratings of both quarterbacks and I will virtually be able to tell you the winner with but a few exceptions.

Every quarterback with a rating of 92.0 or higher in Week 13 won their game, except for the Texans Brock Osweiler who lost to the Packers even though his 97.6 rating was his personal best of the year. Osweiler faced Aaron Rodgers whose 108.9 was even better.

The Broncos Paxton Lynch’s QB Rating of 61.8 in Week 13 typically loses a game. But he beat the Jaguars and Blake Bortles whose rating of 37.9 was even worse.

The Chargers Philip Rivers has been wildly inconsistent the past five games with ratings of 48.8, 117.6, 61.4, 116.3 & 79.8. Ten interceptions in five games didn’t help.

The Panthers QB Cam Newton is in midst of disappointing 4-8 season. Newton hasn’t completed more than 50% of his passes or gained as much as 250 yards passing in any of his past three games. And he is not running with the same abandon as he has in the past. Defenses are following the successful plan the Broncos used in the Super Bowl of trying to contain him in the pocket where his throwing mechanics, or lack of them, are put to the test. Newton has only gained 78 more yards rushing than he has lost while being sacked in 2016. He also has only three games in which he has thrown multiple touchdown passes. The lack of a necktie is the least of his problems.

In battle of former #1 NFL Draft picks, the Chiefs Alex Smith (2005) out-dueled the Falcons Matt Ryan (2008) 29-28 in Week 13.

49ers starting QB Colin Kaepernick threw just 5 passes against the Bears before being pulled. He was also sacked 5 times, a whopping 50% rate. How bad were the combined efforts of 49ers quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert? What do you think of 15 pass attempts with five completions (33%) for 39 yards, 2.6 yards per attempt, six sacks losing 33 yards for a 28.5% sacked rate.

The Ravens Joe Flacco passing rating of 119.2 in Week 13 versus the Dolphins was the first time he topped 100.0 since Week 1 against the Bills (100.3). The Ravens won both games.

Eagles rookie Carson Wentz’ 60 pass attempts in Week 13 were greater than his passing rating for the game of 58.2. Blake Bortles (42, 39.7) did it too. That has only happened six other times this season for quarterbacks with at least 10 pass attempts in the game.

2016 Week 13 Passing Statistics
Andrew LuckColtsJets282278.62789.912.6414.300.017147.6W 41 - 10
Andy DaltonBengalsEagles312374.233210.714.426.500.000130.0W 32 - 14
Alex SmithChiefsFalcons252184.027010.812.914.000.014125.0W 29 - 28
Joe FlaccoRavensDolphins473676.63818.110.648.512.100119.2W 38 - 6
Scott TolzienColtsJets11100.01111. 41 - 10
Matthew StaffordLionsSaints423071.43418.111.424.800.024111.3W 28 - 13
Trevone BoykinSeahawksPanthers3266.73812.719.000.000.000109.7W 40 - 7
Aaron RodgersPackersTexans302066.72097.010.426.700.019108.9W 21 - 13
Dak PrescottCowboysVikings181266.71397.711.615.600.0315108.3W 17 - 15
Carson PalmerCardinalsRedskins463065.23006.510.036.500.0219105.3W 31 - 23
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersGiants362466.72898.012.025.612.821798.0W 24 - 14
Brock OsweilerTexansPackers352262.92025.89.225.700.021897.6L 13 - 21
Matt BarkleyBears49ers181161.119210.717.500.000.01897.5W 26 - 6
Derek CarrRaidersBills351954.32607.413.725.700.00097.3W 38 - 24
Jameis WinstonBuccaneersChargers302066.72809.314.013.313.311293.7W 28 - 21
Tom BradyPatriotsRams463371.72695. 26 - 10
Russell WilsonSeahawksPanthers362672.22777.710.712.812.832192.0W 40 - 7
Shaun HillVikingsCowboys11100. 15 - 17
Sam BradfordVikingsCowboys453271.12475.57.712.200.021591.6L 15 - 17
Matt RyanFalconsChiefs342264.72978.713.512.912.92790.0L 28 - 29
Philip RiversChargersBuccaneers261557.72258.715.027.727.721479.8L 21 - 28
Kirk CousinsRedskinsCardinals372156.82717.312.912.712.722577.6L 23 - 31
Cam NewtonPanthersSeahawks321443.81825.713.013.100.00072.7L 7 - 40
Eli ManningGiantsSteelers392461.51955. 14 - 24
Drew BreesSaintsLions443170.53267.410.500.036.81763.3L 13 - 28
Ryan TannehillDolphinsRavens402972.52265.77.812.537.521163.1L 6 - 38
Paxton LynchBroncosJaguars241250.01044.38.700.000.02261.8W 20 - 10
Carson WentzEaglesBengals603660.03085.18.611.735.01258.2L 14 - 32
Tyrod TaylorBillsRaiders351851.41915.510.600.012.942155.8L 24 - 38
Blaine Gabbert49ersBears10440.0353.58.800.000.01850.0L 6 - 26
Jared GoffRamsPatriots321443.81615.011.513.126.243543.9L 10 - 26
Ryan MallettRavensDolphins3133.351. 38 - 6
Bryce PettyJetsColts251144.01355.412.314.028.01241.2L 10 - 41
Le'Veon BellSteelersGiants100. 24 - 14
Colin Kaepernick49ersBears5120. 6 - 26
Jerick McKinnonVikingsCowboys100. 15 - 17
Blake BortlesJaguarsBroncos421945.21814.39.500.024.81237.9L 10 - 20
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsColts12541.7816.816.200.018.30030.2L 10 - 41
Derek AndersonPanthersSeahawks100. 7 - 40

Quarterbacks have thrown more than 20 incompletions on 19 occasions in 2016. Both the Eagles Carson Wentz and the Jaguars Blake Bortles did it in Week 13. Only the Packers Aaron Rodgers (22) came away with a win beating the Giants 23-16 in week 5. The other 18 lost.

Why are so many NFL teams risk adverse and playing small ball in 2016? Dinking and dunking may be boring and may not put many points on the board, but consider the alternatives. Throwing even one interception means you probably lose.

Win - Loss Record by Interceptions Thrown in 2016 GamesJu
(Through Week 13)

Seventeen quarterbacks three inteceptions in Week 13. Only four came away winners: the Ravens Joe Flacco, the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger, the Buccaneers Jameis Winston and the Seahawks Russell Wilson. The other 13 lost.

Of course, throwing touchdowns is the name of the game for the best quarterbacks. Here are some of the league's best and worst touchdowns to interceptions ratios. Best: Patriots Tom Brady 19:1, Cowboys Dak Prescott 19:2, Raiders Derek Car 24:5, Vikings Sam Bradford 13:3, Lions Matthew Stafford 21:5, Packers Aaron Rodgers 29:7. Worst: Jets Ryan Fitzgerald 10:13, Rams Case Keenum 9:11, Texans Brock Osweiler 14:13, Eagles Carson Wentz 12:11, Jaguars Blake Bortles 20:15. That separates the wheat from the chaff.

The Cleveland Browns don't just have problems at the quarterback position. The last time their leading rusher, Isaiah Crowell, gained 50+ yards rushing was in Week 7 (63) versus the Bengals. The last time his running mate Duke Johnson did it was in Week 4 (53) against the Redskins. Crowell had a great start to the season with 386 yards rushing after the first four games. He has had only one game in which he as averaged three yards a carry since then: Week 7 versus the Bengals (12, 63, 5.2).

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