2016 NFL Week 8 Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

The only quarterback with a QB Rating better than the Patriots' Tom Brady (137.0) in Week 8 was the Titans' Marcus Mariota (148.1) in a 36-22 victory over the Jaguars.

Will there be a quarterback controversy for the Kansas City Chiefs after Nick Foles came in for an injured Alex Smith and had a big game against the Colts completing 72.7% of his passes for 10.1 yards per attempt, 2 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and a 135.2 rating.

For the first time this season, the Lions held an opposing quarterback to a QB Rating under 100. Nevertheless, the Texans' Brock Osweiler (83.4) still beat them 20-13.

The Cardinals' Carson Palmer (111.1 QB Rating) out passed the Panthers' Cam Newton (78.0) by 33.1 QB Rating points and still lost 20-30. It is the largest positive margin of any matchup this year that has resulted in a loss. The early incompletion that was mistakenly ruled a fumble certainly got the Cardinals off to a poor start that they could not overcome despite some big numbers from Palmer including a 76.1% completion rate for 363 yards, 7.9 yards per attempt and 3 touchdowns. Eight sacks and an interception helped doom those efforts.

Oakland's Derek Carr and Washington's Kirk Cousins also put up some big numbers in overtime games. The Raiders won their game against the Buccaneers while the Redskins played to a tie against the Bengals in London.

It's difficult to comprehend how Denver's Trevor Siemian could have a 65.2 QBRating for a game and still beat the Chargers' Philip Rivers. Oh I forgot Broncos defense. The Broncos gave Rivers a serious beatdown: 44.8 QB Rating with only 42.6% of passes being completed for a miserly 5.7 yards per attempt and three interceptions and four sacks. In the two games between the Broncos and Chargers this year the Broncos have held Rivers to a completion percentage that is 16.7 below San Diego's other opponents for 2.6 yards per attempt less and a QB Rating 39.1 points lower. And Rivers still led the Chargers to a victory in one of the games.

But Rivers game QB Ratings have now dropped in each of past three games. After having a QB rating of 122.1 in a loss to the Raiders, Rivers had a 90.9 rating to beat the Broncos, a 86.5 rating to beat the Falcons and then a miserable 48.8 rating in Week 8 loss to the Broncos.

Trevor Siemien's 65.2 rating versus the Chargers was the 5th worst QB Rating for a winning quarterback this year. The Packers Aaron Rodgers had a 65.0 rating while beating the Giants. The Ravens Joe Flacco had a rating of 64.0 when winning against the Jaguars. Carson Wentz had a rating of 52.4 when the Eagles beat the Vikings. Buffalo's Tyrod Taylor had the worst rating of 51.9 when the Bills beat the Cardinals.

Vikings' quarterback Sam Bradford continues his fall back to earth and Minnesota finds it ever more difficult to overcome the plague of injuries it has endured. Among the many problems the Vikings have, the defensive pass rush has, for the most part, been held in check the past several games. The Vikings had 15 sacks in their first three games, but only 5 in next four games, including two games with 0 and another with only 1.

The Bears' Jay Cutler had the best passing game of the year of any quarterback facing the Minnesota Vikings yet this year: completing 64.5% of his passes for 8.1 yards per attempt, 1 touchdown, 0 interceptions and a 100.5 rating. Although Cutler is known to be interception prone, he is the first quarterback this year to play against the Vikings defense without an interception.

Nine quarterbacks who played substantially in Week 8 finished with QB Ratings of 100.0 or higher. Seven won their games. One of the two losses was the Packers loss to the Falcons when Aaron Rodgers (125.5) was out passed by Matt Ryan (129.5). The other loss was the previously mentioned Cardinals loss to the Panthers in which Carson Palmer (111.1) had the largest game QB Rating difference over an opponent, Cam Newton (78.0) in a losing cause so far this year.

2016 Week 8 Passing Statistics
Marcus MariotaTitansJaguars221881.827012.329.100.000148.1W 36 - 22
Tom BradyPatriotsBills332266.73159.5412.100.0422137.0W 41 - 25
Nick FolesChiefsColts221672.722310.129.100.0216135.2W 30 - 14
Matt RyanFalconsPackers352880.02888.238.600.0211129.5W 33 - 32
Aaron RodgersPackersFalcons382873.72466.5410.500.0323125.5L 32 - 33
Tanner McEvoySeahawksSaints11100.04343.000.000.000118.7L 20 - 25
Derek CarrRaidersBuccaneers594067.85138.746.800.0215117.4W 30 - 24
Carson PalmerCardinalsPanthers463576.13637.936.512.2847111.1L 20 - 30
Matt CasselTitansJaguars11100.01010.000.000.000108.3W 36 - 22
Drew BreesSaintsSeahawks352777.12657.612.900.0213107.4W 25 - 20
Jay CutlerBearsVikings312064.52528.113.200.017100.5W 20 - 10
Blake BortlesJaguarsTitans543361.13376.235.600.021597.5L 22 - 36
Kirk CousinsRedskinsBengals563867.94588.223.611.811297.2T 27 - 27
EJ ManuelBillsPatriots2150.03517.500.000.01295.8L 25 - 41
Carson WentzEaglesCowboys433274.42024.712.300.03891.4L 23 - 29
Matthew StaffordLionsTexans412765.92405.912.400.01989.5L 13 - 20
Sam BradfordVikingsBears372362.22286.212.700.052788.6L 10 - 20
Jameis WinstonBuccaneersRaiders321650.01805.626.200.021288.0L 24 - 30
Alex SmithChiefsColts19947.41276.715.300.01087.0W 30 - 14
Brock OsweilerTexansLions292069.01866.413.413.432283.4W 20 - 13
Andy DaltonBengalsRedskins422764.32846.812.412.432181.8T 27 - 27
Dak PrescottCowboysEagles391948.72877.425.112.621479.8W 29 - 23
Andrew LuckColtsChiefs351954.32106.025.712.963879.5L 14 - 30
Kevin HoganBrownsJets22100. 28 - 31
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsBrowns341647.12286.712.900.02679.0W 31 - 28
Cam NewtonPanthersCardinals271451.92127.900.000.01478.0W 30 - 20
Russell WilsonSeahawksSaints342264.72537.400.012.911174.8L 20 - 25
Josh McCownBrownsJets492551.03417.024.124.11670.2L 28 - 31
Trevor SiemianBroncosChargers382052.62767.300.012.61965.2W 27 - 19
Tyrod TaylorBillsPatriots381950.01834.800.000.01763.8L 25 - 41
Philip RiversChargersBroncos472042.62675.724.336.442148.8L 19 - 27
Jon RyanSeahawksSaints100. 20 - 25
Cole BeasleyCowboysEagles100. 29 - 23
Josh HuffEaglesCowboys100. 23 - 29