2016 Week 5 Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

Tom Brady is back, putting up good numbers against the hapless Cleveland Browns during Week 5 of the 2016 NFL season. Speaking of hapless, the San Diego Chargers continue to waste the talent and the production of quarterback Philip Rivers, finding yet another way to lose. On a brighter note, Sam Bradford continues to play good ball for the Minnesota Vikings who remain undefeated despite efforts to a myriad of players including quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, running back Adrian Peterson, both starting offensive tackles, and more.

Despite losing yet again, the Chicago Bears must be impressed by the continued strong play of Brian Hoyer. Make no mistake about it, Hoyer is not a great player, but he is certainly under-rated and may be a better alternative for the Bears than Jay Cutler, who seems to have all the talent in the world, but has erratic mechanics and seems to be in the mold of a Jeff George, perhaps a poor man's Jeff George at that. Over the years, Hoyer has typically been madly inconsistent, witness last year's playoffs with the Texans, but he has also had three winning seasons in a row, albeit in part-time duty: 2013 Cleveland 3-0, 2014 Cleveland 7-6, 2015 Houston 5-4. He is currently 1-2 with the Bears in 2016. Hoyer did not play in week one and entered the field the first time in 2016 during week two versus the Eagles after Cutler was injured. Since then Hoyer has been on fire, completing 71.4% of his passes for a 7.8 yard average per completion with six touchdowns and zero interceptions. Hoyer has passed for over 300 yards in each of his three starts. His quarterback rating for the year is 108.5 and he has had a rating of at least 120.0 in each of his past two games. Those numbers haven't been put up against the best defenses (Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Colts), but they do show that Hoyer is able to take advantage of what's available. Again, Hoyer is probably no team's long term solution, but he is undoubtedly better than many, and must at least be considered among the better backups in the league.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are several teams that must replace their starting quarterbacks soon. Case Keenum isn't the answer in Los Angeles, but the Rams have Jared Goff in training. The 49ers realize that Blaine Gabbert is not getting the job done and will give a start to Colin Kaepernick. Is Christian Ponder far behind. The Jets Ryan Fitzpatrick is having a miserable year, but New York doesn't seem to have any faith in Geno Smith, Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg. Offensive coordinator Chan Galey has worked a bit of magic in the past helping quarterbacks play above their talent, but he better get something done soon unless the Jets are willing to give up on 2016.

Brock Osweiler (Texans) and Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) aren't helping their teams and have those franchises in quarterback hell with expensive players who aren't horrible, but are certainly not good enough.

While both Jameis Winston (Buccaneers) and Marcus Mariota (Titans) showed promise as rookies in 2016, neither has played all that well in 2016, with Winston being particularly disappointing thus far. Even some of the stalwarts are having a difficult time in 2016 including Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning.

2016 Week 5 Passing Statistics
Matthew StaffordLionsEagles251976.01807.2312.000.0416135.0W 24 - 23
Tom BradyPatriotsBrowns402870.040610.237.500.013127.7W 33 - 13
Cody KesslerBrownsPatriots8562.5627.8112.500.000126.0L 13 - 33
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersJets473472.33808.148.500.018124.4W 31 - 13
Sam BradfordVikingsTexans302273.32719.026.700.0216123.1W 31 - 13
Philip RiversChargersRaiders302170.035912.0413.326.728122.1L 31 - 34
Brian HoyerBearsColts433376.73979.224.700.000120.0L 23 - 29
Dak PrescottCowboysBengals241875.02279.514.200.015117.9W 28 - 14
Marcus MariotaTitansDolphins292069.01635.6310.300.000117.5W 30 - 17
Andrew LuckColtsBears392871.83228.325.100.0524113.4W 29 - 23
Andy DaltonBengalsCowboys412970.72696.624.900.0420104.6L 14 - 28
Carson WentzEaglesLions332575.82387.226.113.038102.8L 23 - 24
Matt RyanFalconsBroncos281553.62679.513.600.021798.4W 23 - 16
Tyrod TaylorBillsRams231252.21245.428.700.021297.0W 30 - 19
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsSteelers382565.82556.712.600.031193.6L 13 - 31
Jameis WinstonBuccaneersPanthers301860.02197.313.300.021793.6W 17 - 14
Derek CarrRaidersChargers402562.53177.925.012.531793.4W 34 - 31
Kirk CousinsRedskinsRavens412970.72606.312.412.411085.4W 16 - 10
Joe FlaccoRavensRedskins463065.22104.612.200.032282.7L 10 - 16
Paxton LynchBroncosFalcons352365.72236.412.912.964081.0L 16 - 23
Charlie WhitehurstBrownsPatriots241458.31827.614.214.221478.8L 13 - 33
Eli ManningGiantsPackers351851.41995.712.900.031778.2L 16 - 23
Drew StantonCardinals49ers281139.31244.427.100.01877.1W 33 - 21
Case KeenumRamsBills312167.72718.700.026.542868.1L 19 - 30
Derek AndersonPanthersBuccaneers281864.32789.900.027.10067.3L 14 - 17
Aaron RodgersPackersGiants452351.12595.824.424.40065.0W 23 - 16
Ryan TannehillDolphinsTitans181266.719110.600.0211.164262.3L 17 - 30
Blaine Gabbert49ersCardinals311858.11625.213.226.572756.1L 21 - 33
Brock OsweilerTexansVikings421945.21844.412.412.442956.1L 13 - 31
Terrelle PryorBrownsPatriots3133.351.700.000.00042.4L 13 - 33
Jimmy GaroppoloPatriotsBrowns100. 33 - 13
Justin TuckerRavensRedskins100. 10 - 16