2017 NFL Coaching Carousel

By Chris Malumphy

Even before Black Monday, the 2017 NFL Coaching Carousel got off to a rousing start with six teams already looking for new head coaches. The Los Angeles Rams took the early lead by firing Jeff Fisher three weeks ago. Apparently, the Rams poor season was not necessarily all Fisher's fault since they haven't won since in three tries. Things don't look bright for interim coach John Fassel. Doug Marone replaced Gus Bradley in Jacksonville two weeks ago and won one and lost another, but with prior head coaching experience with the Bills, an offensive mindset that may help quarterback Blake Bortles, and an overall record of 16-18, Marone may have a chance to get the job full-time. Anthony Lynn replaced Rex Ryan for the last game of the Bills' season and it is uncertain whether the team's loss will affect his chances, but it was disheartening to lose to a Jets team led by Ryan Fitzpatrick who had a particularly poor season. In somewhat of a shocker, the Broncos' Gary Kubiak announced his retirement due to health reasons. Chip Kelly lasted only a year in San Francisco as the 49ers fired both him and General Manager Trent Baalke. And in San Diego, the Chargers jettisoned coach Mike McCoy after a disappointing 5-11 season in which their point differential was only a minus 13. The Lions at minus 12, the Buccaneers at minus 15 and the Texans at minus 49 each finished 9-7. Offensive gurus Josh McDaniels (Patriots) and Kyle Shanahan (Falcons), who are both headed to the playoffs, are among the strongest candidates to fill the vacancies. Saints coach Sean Payton may also be in play as his name has been associated with the Chargers anticipated move to Los Angeles.

2017 Coaching Carousel
CoachLifetimeCurrent Team2016
Ben McAdoo11500.6882016Giants11500.68811500.688
Bill Belichick23711500.6732000Patriots2017100.73914200.875
Mike McCarthy1146110.6512006Packers1146110.65110600.625
Bruce Arians412210.6482013Cardinals412210.6487810.469
Mike Tomlin1035700.6442007Steelers1035700.64411500.688
Adam Gase10600.6252016Dolphins10600.62510600.625
Chuck Pagano493100.6132012Colts493100.6138800.500
Andy Reid17311410.6022013Chiefs432100.67212400.750
Dan Quinn191300.5942015Falcons191300.59411500.688
John Harbaugh855900.5902008Ravens855900.5908800.500
Pete Carroll1037210.5882010Seahawks704110.62910510.656
Sean Payton946600.5882006Saints946600.5887900.438
Bill O'Brien272100.5632014Texans272100.5639700.563
Dirk Koetter9700.5632016Buccaneers9700.5639700.563
Jason Garrett584600.5582010Cowboys584600.55813300.813
Ron Rivera534210.5572011Panthers534210.55761000.375
Jim Caldwell534300.5522014Lions272100.5639700.563
Mike Zimmer262200.5422014Vikings262200.5428800.500
Marvin Lewis11810330.5332003Bengals11810330.5336910.406
John Fox12811200.5332015Bears92300.28131300.188
Gary Kubiak827500.5222015Broncos211100.6569700.563
Jeff Fisher17316510.5122012Rams314510.4094900.308
Jack Del Rio878400.5092015Raiders191300.59412400.750
Todd Bowles171800.4862015Jets151700.46951100.313
Rex Ryan616600.4802015Bills151600.4847800.467
Doug Marrone161800.4712016Jaguars1100.5001100.500
Jay Gruden212610.4482014Redskins212610.4488710.531
Chip Kelly283500.444201649ers21400.12521400.125
Doug Pederson7900.4382016Eagles7900.4387900.438
Mike McCoy273700.4222013Chargers273700.42251100.313
Mike Mularkey274600.3702016Titans9700.5639700.563
Hue Jackson92300.2812016Browns11500.06311500.063
Gus Bradley144800.2262013Jaguars144800.22621200.143
John Fassel0300.0002016Rams0300.0000300.000
Anthony Lynn0100.0002016Bills0100.0000100.000