The Simplest Argument in Favor of Drafting QB Brandon Weeden

By Chris Malumphy

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden is making it difficult on the NFL. Having previously pursued a career in baseball, he will be entering the 2012 NFL Draft at age 28. By the time the 2012 NFL season opens, he will be 29. Former head coach Jon Gruden says he loves the guy because he can make all the throws. But being age 29 is quite a late start for an NFL career. 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is a year younger than Weeden and he's already been in the league for seven seasons. And in recent years, once two teams make it to the Super Bowl, the younger of the two starting quarterbacks has tended to come out on top. However, there is one item that clearly and simply states why Weeden still deserves to be a relatively high draft choice this year. He has beaten all the top flight competition.

Weeden beat Nick Foles in a bowl game two years ago. He beat Robert Griffin 59-24. He beat Andrew Luck in the Fiesta Bowl. He beat Landry Jones and he beat Ryan Tannehill.

That certainly makes him worthy of consideration.