RG3 to the Browns - Slim Pickings Remain for Broncos, Rams, 49ers, Jets

By Chris Malumphy

Now that the Cleveland Browns have signed quarterback Robert Griffin III following the Houston Texans steal of Brock Osweiler from the Denver Broncos, the Broncos, Rams, 49ers and Jets still need to determine who their starting quarterbacks will be heading into the 2016 season. Of course, one alternative is to draft a quarterback and start him from day one, but barring a trade, the top quarterbacks in the draft could be gone long before these teams draft and relying on the third or fourth best player at the position cannot be counted on to provide good results.

Even if a team plans on drafting a quarterback, it is often sound practice to have a veteran "bridge" quarterback on the roster to provide the rookie with some time to prepare before being thrown to the lions as well as to provide mentoring as to how to prepare for the professional game both on and off the field.

Here are some of the top veteran quarterbacks who may have the ability to start or at least serve as a bridge. I dare say that not one can be truly counted on to carry a team although a few could thrive in the right situation. Take your pick and let me know what you think: mailto:cmalumphy@earthlink.net

Who Should The Broncos, Rams, Jets And 49ers Want As Their Starting Quarterbacks
Ryan Nassib10990.012812.814.2110.000.0216.7152.1
AJ McCarron1197966.48547.210.865.021.7129.297.1
Colin Kaepernick136181559.9100307.412.3564.1261.91359.088.4
Nick Foles123074060.288057.211.9534.3272.2715.587.3
Mike Glennon61936458.840256.511.1294.7152.4568.383.7
Brian Hoyer99958058.171637.212.4383.8262.6615.882.2
Ryan Fitzpatrick3473208760.1231786.711.11544.41163.32055.680.8
Case Keenum45525856.730236.611.7153.392.0265.479.8
Matt Moore76945358.953567.011.8334.3283.6667.979.3
Colt McCoy84250860.355866.611.0263.1232.7778.478.9
Josh McCown1956116459.5131426.711.3733.7633.21718.078.7
E.J. Manuel30618058.819726.411.0113.692.9288.477.7
Landry Jones553258.25139.316.035.547.323.577.3
Brandon Weeden96555957.964626.711.6313.2303.1666.476.0
Chad Henne1954115959.3129316.611.2583.0633.21497.175.5
Zach Mettenberger34520860.323476.811.3123.5144.1318.275.4
Geno Smith85249357.958366.811.8273.2354.1748.072.3
Blaine Gabbert106659555.864266.010.8333.1312.9998.571.9
Derek Anderson154382953.799436.412.0583.8553.6764.771.4
Ryan Mallett32317855.117535.49.872.292.872.166.2