Seattle Seahawks Have Most Picks But Least Value Entering 2015 NFL Draft

By Chris Malumphy

Despite having 11 draft selections entering the 2015 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks will have the least value to work with, at least if you believe in the Draft Value chart. Having traded their first round choice along with center Max Unger to the New Orleans Saints for tight end Jimmy Graham, the Seahawks will not have a choice until the 63rd pick late in the second round. Seattle stocked up with numerous picks later in the draft being the beneficiary of four compensatory draft picks along with receiving a fourth round selection from the Saints in the Graham trade and a sixth round choice from the Jets for wide receiver Percy Harvin.

Unsurprisingly, the two teams with the worst records, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans, both 2-14, will have the most draft value, closely followed by the 3-13 Jacksonville Jaguars and the 7-9 Cleveland Browns, who have two first round picks.

Take a look at the 11 teams with the most draft value entering the 2015 draft. All but one, allowed opponents to score 400 or more points in 2014. The lone exception was the Cleveland Browns who allowed only 337 points. The Browns, however, were stymied by exasperating quarterback play from the erratic Brian Hoyer, the overwhelmed Johnny Manziel and the limited Connor Shaw. With Hoyer gone, replaced by Josh McCown, and Thad Lewis rejoining the team to battle Manziel and Shaw, the Browns continue to be desperate for quarterback help. Look for them to try to trade up to draft Marcus Mariota or trade for Sam Bradford. They'll undoubtedly draft a quarterback with one of their 10 picks somewhere along the way.

2015 NFL Draft Value by Team
Team W L T Pct Pts PA Total

2015 NFL Draft Value by Team and Pick
8-8-0 (0.500)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 1819.80
Round Pick Player Value Source
43313240.00Compensatory Pick
7372540.50Compensatory Pick
5-11-0 (0.313)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 2381.20
Round Pick Player Value Source
5614235.00New York Jets
10-5-1 (0.656)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 1576.30
Round Pick Player Value Source
33599104.00Compensatory Pick
43613538.50Compensatory Pick
9-7-0 (0.563)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 649.40
Round Pick Player Value Source
12-4-0 (0.750)
Picks: 10
Total Value: 1215.95
Round Pick Player Value Source
43413339.50Compensatory Pick
7332500.70Compensatory Pick
7342510.65Compensatory Pick
7352520.60Compensatory Pick
7-9-0 (0.438)
Picks: 10
Total Value: 2949.50
Round Pick Player Value Source
2-14-0 (0.125)
Picks: 8
Total Value: 3977.80
Round Pick Player Value Source
41010976.00St. Louis
53216825.20New England
6818418.80St. Louis
11-5-0 (0.688)
Picks: 8
Total Value: 1342.70
Round Pick Player Value Source
7392560.40Compensatory Pick
9-7-0 (0.563)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 1651.80
Round Pick Player Value Source
9-7-0 (0.563)
Picks: 10
Total Value: 1735.70
Round Pick Player Value Source
33498108.00Compensatory Pick
53617223.60Compensatory Pick
53717323.20Compensatory Pick
6412175.60Compensatory Pick
11-5-0 (0.688)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 1151.85
Round Pick Player Value Source
7382550.45Compensatory Pick
12-4-0 (0.750)
Picks: 7
Total Value: 1191.10
Round Pick Player Value Source
7192361.80San Diego
8-8-0 (0.500)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 1675.20
Round Pick Player Value Source
10-6-0 (0.625)
Picks: 8
Total Value: 1547.20
Round Pick Player Value Source
41411368.00San Francisco through Buffalo
5914533.50St. Louis
6-10-0 (0.375)
Picks: 8
Total Value: 2240.05
Round Pick Player Value Source
7322490.75New England through St. Louis
6-10-0 (0.375)
Picks: 8
Total Value: 2203.75
Round Pick Player Value Source
3-13-0 (0.188)
Picks: 7
Total Value: 3144.30
Round Pick Player Value Source
4-12-0 (0.250)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 2462.30
Round Pick Player Value Source
11-5-0 (0.688)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 1286.10
Round Pick Player Value Source
7142312.30Miami through Baltimore
12-4-0 (0.750)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 1123.45
Round Pick Player Value Source
6342108.40Compensatory Pick
6372137.20Compensatory Pick
7-8-1 (0.469)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 1331.80
Round Pick Player Value Source
53316924.80Compensatory Pick
53817422.80Compensatory Pick
12-4-0 (0.750)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 1251.55
Round Pick Player Value Source
33397112.00Compensatory Pick
4210196.00Tampa Bay
6217821.20Tampa Bay
7362530.55Compensatory Pick
3-13-0 (0.188)
Picks: 7
Total Value: 2752.80
Round Pick Player Value Source
6-10-0 (0.375)
Picks: 6
Total Value: 2085.10
Round Pick Player Value Source
6392156.40Compensatory Pick
10-6-0 (0.625)
Picks: 10
Total Value: 1381.00
Round Pick Player Value Source
43713638.00Compensatory Pick
53517124.00Compensatory Pick
54017622.00Compensatory Pick
4-12-0 (0.250)
Picks: 7
Total Value: 2607.70
Round Pick Player Value Source
7-9-0 (0.438)
Picks: 9
Total Value: 2708.00
Round Pick Player Value Source
51815430.80Kansas City
12-4-0 (0.750)
Picks: 11
Total Value: 633.40
Round Pick Player Value Source
41311270.00New Orleans
43513439.00Compensatory Pick
53417024.40Compensatory Pick
6518120.00New York Jets
6332098.80Compensatory Pick
6382146.80Compensatory Pick
11-5-0 (0.688)
Picks: 8
Total Value: 1377.30
Round Pick Player Value Source
6362127.60Compensatory Pick
9-7-0 (0.563)
Picks: 10
Total Value: 1716.50
Round Pick Player Value Source
53917522.40Compensatory Pick
6352118.00Compensatory Pick
6402166.00Compensatory Pick
2-14-0 (0.125)
Picks: 7
Total Value: 3607.80
Round Pick Player Value Source
6322089.20New England
7-9-0 (0.438)
Picks: 7
Total Value: 2026.30
Round Pick Player Value Source
5113737.50Tampa Bay through Buffalo
7152322.20San Francisco through Miami

NFL Draft Value Chart

By Chris Malumphy
NFL Draft Pick Value Chart
Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7All Others 

NFL Compensatory Draft Picks Hurt Parity—29 of 32 Extra Picks go to Teams with Winning Records

By Chris Malumphy

The NFL compensatory draft pick system continues to be a travesty, rewarding strong franchises while hindering the recovery of weaker teams and thwarting the hopes of many downtrodden fans who pray that their favorites can crawl out of the cellar and attain long term prosperity.

The league awarded 32 compensatory draft picks for the 2015 NFL Draft. Only three of those 32 picks went to teams with losing records in 2014, and two of those went to the Carolina Panthers who won their division and went to the playoffs after going 7-8-1 (.469). The only other team with a losing record to receive a compensatory pick was St. Louis who went 6-10 in the rugged NFC West and each of their divisional rivals received as many or more compensatory picks than did the Rams.

Compensatory draft picks are awarded in rounds three through seven to teams that lost more or better free agents than they signed the previous season. The concept behind the award of compensatory draft picks is simple but fatally flawed and and only exists due to the greed of NFL owners and their desire to keep player salaries down. Owners in every sport have hated free agency, but courts have ruled that teams cannot control players in perpetuity without violating antitrust laws absent freely negotiated contracts. Owners negotiated the compensatory draft pick system into Articles 6 and 10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFL Players Association ostensibly to help minimize the negative effects on teams of losing players through free agency by providing them with extra draft choices.

A more cynical view, however, is that the compensatory draft pick system was proposed by the owners to reduce bidding wars by giving the player's current team with a rationale to avoid entering a bidding war to resign talent knowing that the team would likely obtain an additional draft selection in return for bowing out. Recent history shows that more and more teams take the approach of letting all but their most essential free agents move on regardless of whether the player is a fan favorite or not. It's an approach that is difficult to argue against even though it relegates players to the pile heap sooner than in the past and robs an increasing number of players, and their fans, of building lasting long term relationships. The fact of the matter is that a growing number of franchises now realize that letting high priced talent move on not only results in more operating room under the salary cap but also provides more draft picks and maneuverability to get the players they really want.

While compensatory picks cannot themselves be traded, they do provide the teams that are awarded them with more flexibility to trade other picks to get exactly the players they want on draft day. Teams awarded compensatory picks receive a choice that is better than any traditional pick that they had that comes thereafter thus placing them in a better position to grab the talent they intended, but also then enabling them to use that later traditional pick to target yet another player or use it in a trade to gain even more booty.

Former Eagles owner and later NFL Commissioner Bert Bell led the charge to create the NFL Draft in the league's early years to provide the weakest teams with the opportunity to obtain the best available players. Until it was surpassed by massive television contracts that fueled growth of professional football in other ways, the Draft was called the single greatest contributor the league's prosperity and was one of the hallmarks of Pete Rozelle's dream of providing competitive balance to keep the hopes of every fan of every team alive. The continuous award of compensatory draft picks to strong teams year after year undermines those hopes considerably.

In 2015, 14 teams will share 32 compensatory draft picks. At the end of the third round, compensatory draft selections have been awarded to New England (12-4-0), Kansas City (9-7) and Cincinnati (10-5-1). Not a losing team in a group that compiled an overall record of 31-16-1, .656 in 2014. So much for parity. In the fourth round, compensatory picks were awarded to San Francisco (8-8-0), Denver (12-4-0), Seattle (12-4-0), Cincinnati (10-5-1) again and Baltimore (10-6-0) with a cumulative record of 52-27-1, .656. In the fifth round, the Carolina Panthers (7-8-1) become the first team with a losing record in 2014 to receive a 2015 compensatory draft pick, but note that the Panthers only finished half a game below .500, won their division and made the playoffs. The Panthers also receive another compensatory pick later in the round. Joining the Panthers with compensatory picks in the fifth round are the Seattle Seahawks (12-4-0), Baltimore (also with two picks) (10-6-0), Kansas City Chiefs (also with 2 picks)(9-7-0) and Houston (9-7-0). The teams with compensatory picks in the fifth round had a cumulative record of 47-32-1, .587, if teams with two picks are counted only once. In the sixth round, Seattle (with two picks)(12-4-0), Green Bay (with two picks)(12-4-0), Houston (with two picks)(9-7-0), Pittsburgh (11-5-0), St. Louis (6-10-0) and Kansas City (9-7-0) finished 59-37-0, .615, with only St. Louis having a losing record. Teams with compensatory picks in the seventh round are: Denver (with three picks)(12-4-0), New England (12-4-0), San Francisco (8-8-0), Indianapolis (11-5-0) and Arizona (11-5-0), with an overall record of 54-26-0, .675.

Overall, the 14 teams receiving compensatory picks had a record of 140-82-2, .629, versus an overall record for the 18 teams without a compensatory pick of 115-173-0, .399. Consider the records of these 12 losing teams in 2014 without a 2015 compensatory pick to those who are receiving them: Tampa Bay (2-14-0), Tennessee (2-14-0), Jacksonville (3-13-0), Oakland (3-13-0), New York Jets (4-12-0), Washington (4-12-0), Chicago (5-11-0), Atlanta (6-10-0), New York Giants (6-10-0), Cleveland (7-9-0), Minnesota (7-9-0) and New Orleans (7-9-0). Parity be damned.

In fact, only six teams who played .500 ball or better in 2014 will not receive a compensatory pick in 2015: Buffalo (9-7-0), Dallas (12-4-0), Detroit (11-5-0), Miami (8-8-0), Philadelphia (10-6-0) and San Diego (9-7-0), whereas the only teams coming off losing records who will receive compensatory picks are the Panthers and the Rams.

Bert Bell and Pete Rozelle must be rolling over in their graves, and certainly fans following teams that are inept or just down on their lucks must be in shear agony knowing that teams with winning records are receiving the overwhelming benefit of the compensatory draft system.

Unbelievably, it is even worse than that. Among the teams receiving compensatory picks, the teams with the better records tend to receive a greater number of compensatory picks. Three teams will receive four compensatory picks in 2015: Denver (12-4-0), Kansas City (9-7-0) and Seattle (12-4-0) with a cumulative record of 33-15-0, .687. That tops the combined records of the teams with one, two or three picks by a wide margin. The teams with two compensatory picks also had a better combined record than teams receiving one pick. Only the teams with three picks fell out of line in that regard. The two teams with three compensatory picks are Baltimore (10-6-0) and Houston (9-7-0), with an overall record of 19-13, .594. Five teams received two compensatory picks: Carolina (7-8-1), Cincinnati (10-5-1), Green Bay (12-4-0), New England (12-4-0) and San Francisco (8-8-0), cumulatively 49-29-2, .625. Arizona (11-5-0), Indianapolis (11-5-0), Pittsburgh (11-5-0) and St. Louis (6-10-0) received one compensatory pick each and finished last season 39-25-0, .609. Once again, compare those figures to the 18 teams receiving no compensatory picks: 115-173-0, .399.

Does this really matter? The NFL owners are getting what they want. Teams aren't held ransom by their free agents. If Bill Belichick, Ozzie Newsome and other like-minded decision makers determine that their free agents aren't worth what they are asking, their teams don't need to worry much about losing those players, safe in the knowledge that they will be saving significant dollars under the salary cap while garnering extra picks in the draft. This is the NFL version of Michael Lewis' Moneyball at its finest.

But wait, compensatory picks are only awarded after rounds three through seven, so they can't be worth that much anyway, can they? And they are only awarded to teams that lost more players through free agency than they signed the prior year. So everything should balance out from one year to the next shouldn't it? Overall, you would expect the effects would be negligible. Well think again. Let's see what happened last year.

You'd expect that teams that lost more free agents than they signed and that only received late round draft picks in recompense would do appreciable worse the next year. It didn't work out that way in 2014.

Nine teams improved their records by two games or more from 2013 to 2014 with seven of those nine having received two or more compensatory picks last year. Houston improved its record by seven games and went from 2-14-0 in 2013 to 9-7-0 in 2014 after receiving three compensatory picks in 2014. The Cowboys with three compensatory picks and the Lions with two, each improved their records by four wins. The Packers improved by 3.5 games after receiving two compensatory picks. The Steelers improved by three games after receiving three compensatory picks. The Ravens and Falcons each had two more victories after receiving three and two compensatory picks, respectively.

Remember, those improved records were achieve AFTER those teams supposedly lost so much talent that they needed to be aided by the award of compensatory draft picks. Those added picks must surely have done a great job. Or perhaps the talent that was lost wasn't worth recompensing at all. Perhaps they were just sound business decisions that did not warrant any additional awards of assistance.

The only teams that improved by two or more games from 2013 to 2014 without the aid of a compensatory pick were the Browns and the Bills, who each gained three victories over the prior year.

Conversely, eight teams had records that were two or more games worse in 2014 than in 2013. Of those eight, only two had compensatory picks last year. The 49ers and the Jets were the only teams that had compensatory picks in 2014 that finished two or more games worse than the year before--and both those teams had coaching troubles that made their seasons go south early on. The 49ers knew they were in trouble before the season began when it became readily apparent the the front office and coach Jim Harbaugh did not see eye to eye. In New York, it was a wonder, and it became a serious blunder, when the team brought Rex Ryan back for another try. If not for those two teams, the worst change in the number of victories from 2013 to 2014 for any team with a compensatory draft pick was one with the Rams dropping from 7-9 to 6-10 after losing quarterback Sam Bradford to injury even before the season began and the Giants doing the same as coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning appear to have lost much of their magic.

Now I'll be the first to admit that there are many factors that cause team records to fluctuate from year to year. Young teams develop. Older teams regress. Injuries are always a factor. The influx of new talent through standard draft picks always helps. Coaching changes often bring positive effects just as records can go downhill when a front office or coach wears out their welcome. Nevertheless, it is unmistakable that teams that received compensatory draft picks in 2014 were much more likely to improve their records over the 2013 season than teams who did not. And there is the rub. If teams with better records receive the bulk of the compensatory draft picks and the teams that receive compensatory draft picks are more likely to improve their records than teams that do not, what is the point of awarding compensatory draft picks in the first place and what is the long-term effect on league parity and the draft itself which was once considered the greatest contributor to the league's prosperity.

There is yet even another manner in which compensatory draft picks harm bad teams. Under the current system, compensatory draft picks devalue each regular draft choice that comes after it. Consider for a moment how the originators of the draft intended it to work. The worst teams would get the top selections in each round of the draft. If compensatory draft picks were not awarded, the team with the worst record would expect to have the 1st, 33rd, 65th, 97th, 129th, 161st, 193rd picks in a draft of 224 players. But the compensatory draft picks awarded at the tale ends of rounds three through six now mean that barring trades and ties between teams, the worst team would still get the 1st, 33rd and 65th choices, but later picks would be moved back increasingly with the addition of each compensatory pick to the 100th (rather the 97th), 137th (versus 129th), 177th (instead of 161st) and 218th (not the 193rd). In fact, the worst teams seventh round pick is now moved 25 spots (nearly a full round of selections) past where it might otherwise have been. To place the importance of that fact into perspective, prior to the introduction to compensatory draft picks, the worst team in the league could have taken a Tom Brady (who was the 199th selection in his draft) with their first pick in the seventh round (193rd choice) with six draft picks to spare. This year, the worst team's first pick in the seventh round would be 19 choices too late to get Brady. Moreover, unless the worst team is in on the compensatory draft booty, other teams also gain an additional advantage, to the worst team's deficit, from the additional compensatory picks awarded at the end of seventh round.

Has all these caused teams to actually alter their strategy in terms of evaluating and signing their own free agents. It is hard to tell, but the Baltimore Ravens are said to have a pretty savvy front office and by my quick and dirty accounting they have had about 10 compensatory picks in the past 5 years and 19 in the past 10, compared to only one for the Redskins and Saints and two for the Bills, Vikings, Jaguars, Chargers and Dolphins. Does that help explain why teams like the Ravens have consistently good records while the records of other teams fluctuate widely.

Take a look at the data below. Think about it in terms of the benefits the Draft has provided the NFL and its fans throughout by attempting to maintain league parity. It's nice to see, and everyone can appreciate when, teams put together several good years in a row through great play, good coaching and sound front office practices. No one But it does no one any good when it becomes increasingly hard for fans of downtrodden teams to have hope for improvement when more successful teams are provided with unnecessary benefits that keep poor teams down longer than necessary. Throughout its history, the NFL Draft has been thought of as a great equalizer. That is increasingly becoming more ancient myth than current fact. The compensatory draft system needs to be fixed.

2015 NFL Compensatory Draft Picks
Third Round
Team Record Pick Player Value
New England Patriots12-4-0 (0.750)3397112.00
Kansas City Chiefs9-7-0 (0.563)3498108.00
Cincinnati Bengals10-5-1 (0.656)3599104.00
Fourth Round
Team Record Pick Player Value
San Francisco 49ers8-8-0 (0.500)3313240.00
Denver Broncos12-4-0 (0.750)3413339.50
Seattle Seahawks12-4-0 (0.750)3513439.00
Cincinnati Bengals10-5-1 (0.656)3613538.50
Baltimore Ravens10-6-0 (0.625)3713638.00
Fifth Round
Team Record Pick Player Value
Carolina Panthers7-8-1 (0.469)3316924.80
Seattle Seahawks12-4-0 (0.750)3417024.40
Baltimore Ravens10-6-0 (0.625)3517124.00
Kansas City Chiefs9-7-0 (0.563)3617223.60
Kansas City Chiefs9-7-0 (0.563)3717323.20
Carolina Panthers7-8-1 (0.469)3817422.80
Houston Texans9-7-0 (0.563)3917522.40
Baltimore Ravens10-6-0 (0.625)4017622.00
Sixth Round
Team Record Pick Player Value
Seattle Seahawks12-4-0 (0.750)332098.80
Green Bay Packers12-4-0 (0.750)342108.40
Houston Texans9-7-0 (0.563)352118.00
Pittsburgh Steelers11-5-0 (0.688)362127.60
Green Bay Packers12-4-0 (0.750)372137.20
Seattle Seahawks12-4-0 (0.750)382146.80
St. Louis Rams6-10-0 (0.375)392156.40
Houston Texans9-7-0 (0.563)402166.00
Kansas City Chiefs9-7-0 (0.563)412175.60
Seventh Round
Team Record Pick Player Value
Denver Broncos12-4-0 (0.750)332500.70
Denver Broncos12-4-0 (0.750)342510.65
Denver Broncos12-4-0 (0.750)352520.60
New England Patriots12-4-0 (0.750)362530.55
San Francisco 49ers8-8-0 (0.500)372540.50
Indianapolis Colts11-5-0 (0.688)382550.45
Arizona Cardinals11-5-0 (0.688)392560.40

2015 NFL Compensatory Draft Picks by Team
Team Record Compensatory
Round Pick Player Value
Arizona Cardinals11-5-0 (0.688)1739256.40
Baltimore Ravens10-6-0 (0.625)343713638.00
Carolina Panthers7-8-1 (0.469)253316924.80
Cincinnati Bengals10-5-1 (0.656)233599104.00
Denver Broncos12-4-0 (0.750)443413339.50
Green Bay Packers12-4-0 (0.750)26342108.40
Houston Texans9-7-0 (0.563)353817522.40
Indianapolis Colts11-5-0 (0.688)1738255.45
Kansas City Chiefs9-7-0 (0.563)433498108.00
New England Patriots12-4-0 (0.750)233397112.00
Pittsburgh Steelers11-5-0 (0.688)16362127.60
San Francisco 49ers8-8-0 (0.500)243313240.00
Seattle Seahawks12-4-0 (0.750)443513439.00
St. Louis Rams6-10-0 (0.375)16392156.40
2015 NFL Teams Without Compensatory Draft Picks
Team Record Compensatory
Round Pick Player Value
Atlanta Falcons6-10-0 (0.375)          
Buffalo Bills9-7-0 (0.563)          
Chicago Bears5-11-0 (0.313)          
Cleveland Browns7-9-0 (0.438)          
Dallas Cowboys12-4-0 (0.750)          
Detroit Lions11-5-0 (0.688)          
Jacksonville Jaguars3-13-0 (0.188)          
Miami Dolphins8-8-0 (0.500)          
Minnesota Vikings7-9-0 (0.438)          
New Orleans Saints7-9-0 (0.438)          
New York Giants6-10-0 (0.375)          
New York Jets4-12-0 (0.250)          
Oakland Raiders3-13-0 (0.188)          
Philadelphia Eagles10-6-0 (0.625)          
San Diego Chargers9-7-0 (0.563)          
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-14-0 (0.125)          
Tennessee Titans2-14-0 (0.125)          
Washington Redskins4-12-0 (0.250)          

Cumulative Records of Teams with 2015 Compensatory Draft Picks
Total for Teams with
Compensatory Picks
Total for Teams without
Compensatory Picks

Effects of Compensatory Draft Picks
Bills61000.3750   9700.5633.00  
Browns41200.2500   7900.4383.00  
Vikings51010.3440   7900.4381.50  
Cardinals10600.6250   11500.6881.010.40
Redskins31300.1880   41200.2501.00  
Colts11500.6880   11500.6880.010.45
Eagles10600.6250   10600.6250.00  
Chargers9700.5630   9700.5630.00  
Dolphins8800.5000   8800.5000.00  
Broncos13300.8130   12400.750-1.0441.45
Seahawks13300.8130   12400.750-1.0479.00
Raiders41200.2500   31300.188-1.00  
Jaguars41200.2500   31300.188-1.00  
Chiefs11500.6880   9700.563-2.04160.40
Buccaneers41200.2500   21400.125-2.00  
Bears8800.5000   51100.313-3.00  
Saints11500.6880   7900.438-4.00  
Panthers12400.7500   7810.469-4.5247.60
Titans7900.4380   21400.125-5.00  

Draft Status of Players Selected for 2014 Season NFL Pro Bowl Game

By Chris Malumphy
Draft Status of 2015 Pro Bowl Selections
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Andrew LuckColts2012111ColtsStanford
Peyton ManningBroncos1998111ColtsTennessee
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelers200411111SteelersMiami (OH)
Aaron RodgersPackers200512424PackersCalifornia
Tom BradyPatriots2000633199PatriotsMichigan
Tony RomoCowboys           Eastern Illinois
Running Backs
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Marshawn LynchSeahawks200711212BillsCalifornia
Le'Veon BellSteelers201321648SteelersMichigan State
LeSean McCoyEagles200922153EaglesPittsburgh
DeMarco MurrayCowboys20113771CowboysOklahoma
Jamaal CharlesChiefs200831073ChiefsTexas
Arian FosterTexans           Tennessee
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Marcel ReeceRaiders           Washington
John KuhnPackers           Shippensburg
Wide Receivers
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Calvin JohnsonLions2007122LionsGeorgia Tech
A.J. GreenBengals2011144BengalsGeorgia
Julio JonesFalcons2011166FalconsAlabama
Demaryius ThomasBroncos201012222BroncosGeorgia Tech
Dez BryantCowboys201012424CowboysOklahoma State
Jordy NelsonPackers20082536PackersKansas State
T.Y. HiltonColts201232992ColtsFlorida International
Antonio BrownSteelers2010626195SteelersCentral Michigan
Tight Ends
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Greg OlsenPanthers200713131BearsMiami (FL)
Rob GronkowskiPatriots201021042PatriotsArizona
Jimmy GrahamSaints201033195SaintsMiami (FL)
Julius ThomasBroncos2011432129BroncosPortland State
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Maurkice PounceySteelers201011818SteelersFlorida
Nick MangoldJets200612929JetsOhio State
Travis FrederickCowboys201313131CowboysWisconsin
Jason KelceEagles2011626191EaglesCincinnati
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Zack MartinCowboys201411616CowboysNotre Dame
Mike Iupati49ers20101171749ersIdaho
Kyle LongBears201312020BearsOregon
Marshal YandaRavens200732386RavensIowa
Jahri EvansSaints2006411108SaintsBloomsburg (PA)
Josh SittonPackers2008436135PackersCentral Florida
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Joe ThomasBrowns2007133BrownsWisconsin
Trent WilliamsRedskins2010144RedskinsOklahoma
Tyron SmithCowboys2011199CowboysUSC
Ryan CladyBroncos200811212BroncosBoise State
Joe Staley49ers20071282849ersCentral Michigan
Jason PetersEagles           Arkansas
Defensive Ends
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Mario WilliamsBills2006111TexansNorth Carolina State
DeMarcus WareBroncos200511111CowboysTroy
J.J. WattTexans201111111TexansWisconsin
Robert QuinnRams201111414RamsNorth Carolina
Calais CampbellCardinals200821950CardinalsMiami (FL)
Cameron WakeDolphins           Penn State
Defensive Tackles
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Ndamukong SuhLions2010122LionsNebraska
Gerald McCoyBuccaneers2010133BuccaneersOklahoma
Marcell DareusBills2011133BillsAlabama
Dontari PoeChiefs201211111ChiefsMemphis
Aaron DonaldRams201411313RamsPittsburgh
Kyle WilliamsBills200651134BillsLouisiana State
Inside Linebackers
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Luke KuechlyPanthers2012199PanthersBoston College
Lawrence TimmonsSteelers200711515SteelersFlorida State
C.J. MosleyRavens201411717RavensAlabama
Bobby WagnerSeahawks201221547SeahawksUtah State
C.J. MosleyRavens2005617191VikingsMissouri
Outside Linebackers
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Von MillerBroncos2011122BroncosTexas A&M
Tamba HaliChiefs200612020ChiefsPenn State
Clay MatthewsPackers200912626PackersUSC
Connor BarwinEagles200921446TexansCincinnati
Justin HoustonChiefs20113670ChiefsGeorgia
Elvis DumervilRavens2006429126BroncosLouisville
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Patrick PetersonCardinals2011155CardinalsLouisiana State
Joe HadenBrowns2010177BrownsFlorida
Darrelle RevisPatriots200711414JetsPittsburgh
Aqib TalibBroncos200812020BuccaneersKansas
Vontae DavisColts200912525DolphinsIllinois
Richard ShermanSeahawks2011523154SeahawksStanford
Chris HarrisBroncos200567181BearsLouisiana-Monroe
Brent GrimesDolphins           Shippensburg
Free Safeties
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Earl ThomasSeahawks201011414SeahawksTexas
Eric WeddleChargers20072537ChargersUtah
Glover QuinLions2009412112TexansNew Mexico
Tashaun GipsonBrowns           Wyoming
Strong Safeties
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
T.J. WardBroncos20102638BrownsOregon
Kam ChancellorSeahawks201052133SeahawksVirginia Tech
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Stephen GostkowskiPatriots2006421118PatriotsMemphis
Adam VinatieriColts           South Dakota State
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Kevin HuberBengals200956142BengalsCincinnati
Pat McAfeeColts2009713222ColtsWest Virginia
Return Specialists
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Devin HesterFalcons200622557BearsMiami (FL)
Darren SprolesEagles2005429130ChargersKansas State
Special Teams
Name Team Drafted Round Pick Player Team College
Matt SlaterPatriots2008518153PatriotsUCLA
Justin BethelCardinals201267177CardinalsPresbyterian

Draft Status of 2015 Super Bowl Starters

By Chris Malumphy
Draft Status of 2015 Super Bowl Starters
New England Patriots Offense
Position Name Drafted Team Round Pick Player Position College
QBTom Brady2000Patriots633199QBMichigan
RBLeGarrette Blount             Oregon
RBShane Vereen2011Patriots22456RBCalifornia
WRJulian Edelman2009Patriots723232QBKent State
WRBrandon LaFell2010Panthers31478WRLouisiana State
WRDanny Amendola             Texas Tech
TERob Gronkowski2010Patriots21042TEArizona
TEMichael Hoomanawanui             Illinois
LTNate Solder2011Patriots11717 TColorado
LGDan Connolly             Southeast Missouri State
CBryan Stork2014Patriots45105CFlorida State
RGRyan Wendell             Fresno State
RTSebastian Vollmer2009Patriots22658 THouston
New England Patriots Defense
Position Name Drafted Team Round Pick Player Position College
DERob Ninkovich2006Saints52135DEPurdue
DEChandler Jones2012Patriots12121DESyracuse
DTVince Wilfork2004Patriots12121DTMiami (FL)
DTChris Jones2013Texans630198DTBowling Green
LBJamie Collins2013Patriots22052LBSouthern Mississippi
LBJonathan Casillas             Wisconsin
LBDont'a Hightower2012Patriots12525LBAlabama
CBBrandon Browner             Oregon State
CBDarrelle Revis2007Jets11414DBPittsburgh
CBKyle Arrington             Hofstra
SPatrick Chung2009Patriots2234DBOregon
SDevin McCourty2010Patriots12727DBRutgers
New England Patriots Special Teams
Position Name Drafted Team Round Pick Player Position College
PKStephen Gostkowski2006Patriots421118 KMemphis
PRyan Allen             Louisiana Tech
KRDanny Amendola             Texas Tech
PRJulian Edelman2009Patriots723232QBKent State
Seattle Seahawks Offense
Position Name Drafted Team Round Pick Player Position College
QBRussell Wilson2012Seahawks31275QBWisconsin
RBMarshawn Lynch2007Bills11212RBCalifornia
FBWill Tukuafu             Oregon
WRDoug Baldwin             Stanford
WRJermaine Kearse             Washington
TELuke Willson2013Seahawks525158TERice
LTRussell Okung2010Seahawks166 TOklahoma State
LGJames Carpenter2011Seahawks12525 TAlabama
CMax Unger2009Seahawks21749 COregon
RGJ.R. Sweezy             North Carolina State
RTJustin Britt2014Seahawks23264 TMissouri
Seattle Seahawks Defense
Position Name Drafted Team Round Pick Player Position College
DEMichael Bennett2001Vikings12727RBWisconsin
DECliff Avril2008Lions32992DEPurdue
DEO'Brien Schofield2010Cardinals432130LBWisconsin
DTTony McDaniel             Tennessee
DTKevin Williams2003Vikings199DEOklahoma State
OLBBruce Irvin2012Seahawks11515DEWest Virginia
MLBBobby Wagner2012Seahawks21547LBUtah State
OLBK.J. Wright2011Seahawks4299LBMississippi State
CBRichard Sherman2011Seahawks523154DBStanford
CBByron Maxwell2011Seahawks68173DBClemson
SEarl Thomas2010Seahawks11414DBTexas
SKam Chancellor2010Seahawks52133DBVirginia Tech
Seattle Seahawks Special Teams
Position Name Drafted Team Round Pick Player Position College
PKSteven Hauschka             North Carolina State
PJon Ryan             Regina (Canada)
KRDoug Baldwin             Stanford
PRBryan Walters             Cornell

Draft Status of 2015 NFL Hall of Fame Nominees

By Chris Malumphy
Draft Status of 2015 NFL Hall of Fame Nominees
Name Drafted Round Pick Player Team Position College
Orlando Pace1997111Rams TOhio State
Junior Seau1990155ChargersLBUSC
Tim Brown1988166RaidersWRNotre Dame
Jerome Bettis199311010RamsRBNotre Dame
Marvin Harrison199611919ColtsWRSyracuse
Will Shields199331874Chiefs GNebraska
John Lynch199332682BuccaneersDBStanford
Morten Andersen19824386Saints KMichigan State
Charles Haley19864149649ersDEJames Madison
Kevin Greene198551113RamsLBAuburn
Terrell Davis1995625196BroncosRBGeorgia
Kurt Warner     QBNorthern Iowa
Mick Tingelhoff      CNebraska
Jimmy Johnson     CoachArkansas
Tony Dungy     CoachMinnesota
Don Coryell     CoachWashington
Bill Polian     General ManagerNYU
Ron Wolf     General ManagerMaryville

New York Jets Welcome QB Guru Chan Gailey as Offensive Coordinator

By Chris Malumphy

Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) tweeted that "QBs Chan Gailey has been an OC for ALL had best statistical years under him." Having nothing better to do, I checked the facts.

As offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey has never had a quarterback who was very good. Nevertheless, the teams he served in that role put up some pretty good records with the Steelers winning 10 games in 1996 and 11 in 1997 with the likes of Mike Tomczak and Kordell Stewart behind center. In both 2000 and 2001, the Dolphins went 11-5 with Jay Fiedler at quarterback. In 2008, the Chiefs were a miserable 2-14, but Tyler Thigpen threw 18 touchdowns and had only 12 interceptions and was never to be heard from again.

As a head coach, Gailey had somewhat better quarterbacks to work with. The Cowboys won 10 games in 1998 with Troy Aikman and Jason Garrett at quarterback. Aikman then led Dallas to an 8-8 record in 1999 when injuries continued to mount and his career was nearly over. Ryan Fitzgerald quarterbacked the Bills to 4-12, 6-10 and 6-10 records for the Gailey coached teams of 2010-2012.

The best quarterback rating achieved on a team where Chan Gailey was the head coach or the offensive coordinator was Troy Aikman's injury plagued 88.5 in 1998. None of his QBs ever threw 25 touchdown passes in a season. Gailey coached teams only had one season where a quarterback passed for as many as 3,500 yards: Ryan Fitzgerald's 3,832 in 2011. Then again, Chan Gailey's quarterbacks don't get sacked much. Worst was the 30 sacks taken by Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2012.

So, while the quarterback statistics put up by Gailey coached teams hasn't been very awe-inspiring, Gailey probably got more out of his quarterbacks than most other coaches would have. It's a shame that the only above average quarterback he ever coached in the pros was Troy Aikman, at the end of his career when he was often injured. Mike Tomczak, Kordell Stewart, Jay Fiedler, Tyler Thigpen, Jason Garrett and even Ryan Fitzpatrick wouldn't scare many defenses with their passing prowess. Sad thing for Gailey is that in going to the New York Jets, he is once again saddled with what appears to be sub par talent at the most key of all positions. Now we'll see if Geno Smith passes muster.

Statistics for Quarterbacks when Chan Gailey was Head Coach
Year Team Name Att Comp Pct Yds Avg TD TD Pct Int Int Pct Sacked QB Rating Team Record
1998CowboysTroy Aikman31518759.423307.4123.851.6988.510-8
Jason Garrett1589157.612067.653.231.91084.5
1999CowboysTroy Aikman44226359.529646.7173.8122.71981.18-8
2010BillsRyan Fitzpatrick44125557.830006.8235.2153.42481.84-12
2011BillsRyan Fitzpatrick56935362.038326.7244.2234.02279.16-10
2012BillsRyan Fitzpatrick50530660.634006.7244.8163.23083.36-10

Statistics for Quarterbacks when Chan Gailey was Offensive Coordinator
Year Team Name Att Comp Pct Yds Avg TD TD Pct Int Int Pct Sacked QB Rating Team Record
1996SteelersMike Tomczak40122255.427676.9153.7174.21671.810-6
1997SteelersKordell Stewart44023653.630206.9214.8173.92075.211-5
2000DolphinsJay Fiedler35720457.124026.7143.9143.92374.511-5
2001DolphinsJay Fiedler45027360.732907.3204.4194.22780.311-5
2008ChiefsTyler Thigpen42023054.826086.2184.3122.92676.02-14

Locker, Sanchez, McCoy & Hoyer Top Potential Unrestricted Free Agent QB List

By Chris Malumphy

NFL teams looking for a quarterback aren't likely to find anyone overly exciting in the upcoming free-agent crop, but there are a few players that might be worth taking a look at for those desperate for an upgrade.

The unrestricted free-agent quarterbacks that might be worth a gamble for a team needing a starter are by no means sure things. Each have well-known liabilities.

Jake Locker may be the most attractive unrestricted free agent possibility. He is young, mobile and has shown occasional flashes. But Locker is also injury prone and erratic. Still, for parts of 2013, it appeared that Locker might be developing into a reasonable starter.

Mark Sanchez is the best known of the group, coming off his best season statistically, completing 64% of his passes for a 7.8 yard average and garnering an 88.4 quarterback rating topping his previous bests of 56.7%, 6.7 and 78.2. But Sanchez has always been a turnover machine and you have to believe that his statistical success in 2014 was primarily due to Coach Chip Kelly's quarterback friendly offense that enabled Nick Foles to put up superstar statistics in 2013.

Colt McCoy provides an interesting possibility. He is on the small side, is frequently injured and doesn't have a big arm. But McCoy can be remarkably accurate as evidenced by his 71.1% competion rate on 128 attempts in 2014. McCoy could thrive in a true West Coast or Chip Kelly type offense, so long as he didn't get killed in the process. McCoy also has a lot of intangibles that could be attractive to a team that desperately needs a quarterback and doesn't have the draft picks to get an impact player in the draft.

Brian Hoyer had the Browns at 7-4 after 11 games in 2014. Then things fell apart for both the quarterback and the team. Hoyer's arm is reasonably strong, but highly erratic. For much of the season, he protected the ball well. Then he turned into a turnover machine. He is worth a look, if nothing else as a very viable backup.

Matt Hasselbeck, Michael Vick and Jason Campbell are long past their sell date. Shaun Hill continues to prove that he's a nice guy to have around in a backup role, but he's also been around quite a while and has never been able to seize a starting job for long. Matt Moore is another capable backup, but hasn't been able to capitalize on any of the opportunities provided him. Matt Flynn has proven to be a decent stop-gap backup quarterback in Green Bay, but failed in chances to win a starting position with both the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders.

Expected Unrestricted Free Agent Quarterbacks Entering 2015 Season
Name Att C Pct Yds Avg Att Avg Comp Td Td Pct Ints Int Pct Sacked Pct Sacked Rating Rushes Yds Avg Td
Matt Flynn55734361.639337.111.5254.5162.96310.285.8851341.61
Shaun Hill118373662.280386.810.9494.1302.5826.585.5783304.24
Matt Hasselbeck5074306660.4349486.911.42034.01482.93446.382.334912163.58
Jason Campbell2518151960.3167716.711.0873.5602.41706.381.724012045.06
Michael Vick3151176756.1220937.012.51314.2872.83068.980.485360107.036
Matt Moore76845258.953427.011.8334.3283.6667.979.259871.52
Jake Locker70940857.549677.012.2273.8223.1607.879.0956446.85
Tarvaris Jackson106763659.672266.811.4393.7353.3897.778.51636444.06
Colt McCoy83150160.354586.610.9253.0232.8768.478.21154233.72
Brian Hoyer63035656.545577.212.8193.0193.0365.476.855751.41
Dan Orlovsky47227658.529316.210.6143.0122.5295.876.013342.60
Christian Ponder105763259.866586.310.5383.6363.4958.275.91266395.17
Mark Sanchez2176122656.3145106.711.8823.8803.71496.474.11594292.713
T.J. Yates17010461.211646.811.231.874.1189.670.317563.31
Luke McCown31718458.020356.411.192.8144.4339.468.3321805.60
Blaine Gabbert78441753.243955.610.5232.9243.1748.666.8761912.50
Scott Tolzien905561.17178.
Joe Webb1528857.98535.69.732.053.3116.766.6402746.94
Ryan Mallett794253.24175.39.922.533.811.361.014-11-0.80
Jimmy Clausen34718352.717815.19.751.4102.9369.460.226662.50
Josh Johnson1779654.210425.910.952.8105.6168.357.7372546.90
Ryan Lindley26413450.813145.09.820.8114.2186.450.3471.80
Tyrod Taylor351954.31995.710.500.025.7512.547.2231396.01

Rookie Seasons of Running Backs Drafted in 2014

By Chris Malumphy

For the second year in a row, no running backs were selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

The best performer as a rookie was second rounder Jeremy Hill of the Cincinnati Bengals. Hill gained 1,124 yards on 222 carries for a 5.1 yard average and 9 touchdowns. Hill's efforts went a long way towards helping QB Andy Dalton lead the team to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year, despite throwing the fewest touchdown passes in his career. Hill looks like he'll give the Bengals the type of powerful running back that is needed to thrive in the AFC Central for years to come.

The next most productive running backs drafted in 2014 behind Hill were Tre Mason of the Rams (a third rounder who carried the ball 179 times for 765 yards, a 4.3 yard average and 4 touchdowns) and Andre Williams of the Giants (a fourth rounder with 217 carries, 721 yards, a disappointing 3.3 yard average but 7 touchdowns). The Browns got some productivity from the erratic Terrance West, a third round pick who gained 673 yards on 171 carries for a 3.9 yard average and 4 touchdowns, but Cleveland received nearly the same results, if not better, from undrafted rookie Isaiah Crowell (148 rushes, 607 yards, 4.1 yard average and 8 touchdowns). West dances in the backfield and cost the Browns dearly early in the year by failing to run forward on a critical short yardage situation. His attitude was also questioned more than once. Crowell had three fumbles. So while the Browns are looking for the silver lining in the cloud, others just see another cloudy day in Cleveland.

Jerick McKinnon racked up some yardage for the Vikings (113 carries, 538 yards, 4.8 yard average) as did Alfred Blue for the Texans (169 carries, 528 yards, but only a 3.1 yard average, with 2 touchdowns).

Bishop Sankey, selected the pick before Hill by the Titans, provided only about half the production, gaining 569 yards on 152 carries for a 3.7 yard average and 2 touchdowns. Carlos Hyde, drafted two picks after Hill by the 49ers played somewhat sparingly behind Frank Gore (who never seems to receive the recognition he deserves). Hyde gained 333 yards on 83 carries for a 4.0 yard average and 4 touchdowns. As Gore's career finally (perhaps) begins to wind down, we can expect to see much greater output from Hyde in years to come. The Bucaneers Charles Sims had an ineffective 2.8 yard average which was extremely disappointing from a high third round selection.

After one season, Jeremy Hill is the only certified success, but the Rams must also be happy with Tre Mason and Carlos Hyde will likely see more action in the future with the 49ers. For the time being though, the future appears uncertain for the rest of the running backs drafted in 2014. There was some production from the others, but no one else set the world on fire.

Running Backs Drafted in 2014<
Name Team Round Pick Player College Team Rush Yds Avg TD Fdn
Bishop SankeyTitans22254WashingtonTitans1525693.7226
Jeremy HillBengals22355Louisiana StateBengals22211245.1961
Carlos Hyde49ers22557Ohio State49ers833334.0416
Charles SimsBuccaneers3569West VirginiaBuccaneers661852.8110
Tre MasonRams31175AuburnRams1797654.3437
Terrance WestBrowns33094TowsonBrowns1716733.9430
Jerick McKinnonVikings33296Georgia SouthernVikings1135384.8021
Dri ArcherSteelers33397Kent StateSteelers10404.002
Devonta FreemanFalcons43103Florida StateFalcons652483.819
Andre WilliamsGiants413113Boston CollegeGiants2177213.3730
Ka'Deem CareyBears417117ArizonaBears361584.4011
De'Anthony ThomasChiefs424124OregonChiefs141138.114
James WhitePatriots430130WisconsinPatriots9384.201
Lorenzo TaliaferroRavens438138Coastal CarolinaRavens682924.3417
Alfred BlueTexans65181Louisiana StateTexans1695283.1229
Lache SeastrunkRedskins610186Baylor            
Marion GriceChargers625201Arizona StateCardinals15412.713
Tyler GaffneyPanthers628204Stanford            
Jay ProschTexans635211Auburn            
Storm JohnsonJaguars77222Central FloridaJaguars29863.025
Kiero SmallSeahawks712227Arkansas            
Trey Millard49ers730245Oklahoma            

Rookie Seasons of Wide Receivers Drafted in 2014—The Best Rookie Crop Ever

By Chris Malumphy

The 2014 NFL Draft may have produced the best rookie crop of wide receivers ever.

The wide receivers drafted in 2014 produced the best cumulative rookie season results of all-time, amassing 807 receptions for 10,445 yards and 81 touchdowns dwarfing the totals for the 2013 rookie crop of 493 catches, 6,900 yards and 43 touchdowns which were fairly typical totals for recent years. The next best season for rookie wideouts was 2009 which had 658 catches 9,044 yards and 53 touchdowns.

Odell Beckham Jr. led the way with 91 receptions for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns despite only playing in 12 games for the Giants. The Buccaneers' Mike Evans excelled despite poor quarterback play in Tampa Bay with 68 catches for 1,051 yards, a 15.5 yard average and 12 touchdowns. The Panthers' Kelvin Benjamin, with 73 catches for 1,008 yards and 9 touchdowns joined Beckham and Evans to form the first trio of wide receivers from the same draft to top 1,000 yards in their rookie seasons. Buffalo's Sammy Watkins almost made it a fourth with 982 yards on 65 catches for 6 touchdowns. Beckham, Evans, Benjamin and Watkins were all first round draft picks. The sole first round pick to not put up big numbers among the wide receivers drafted in 2014 was Brandin Cooks who caught 53 balls for 550 yards and three touchdowns for the Saints.

The biggest producers from the second round were the Eagles' Jordan Mathews (67 receptions, 872 yards, 8 touchdowns) and the Dolphins' Jarvis Landry (84 catches, 758 yards, 5 touchdowns). Landry was Beckham's teammate at LSU. Allen Robinson (48 catches, 758 yards and 5 touchdowns) and Marqise Lee (37 catches, 422 yards, 1 touchdown) teamed up as rookie wideouts for the Jaguars, but it is difficult to gage their talent absent more consistent quarterbacking in Jacksonville. The Packers' Davante Adams had 38 receptions for 446 yards and 2 touchdowns while Seattle's Paul Richardson had 29 catches for 271 yards and 1 touchdown.

Third rounders John Brown (48 catches, 696 yards, 5 touchdowns) of the Cardinals and Donte Moncrief (32 catches, 444 yards and 3 touchdowns) of the Colts also showed promise. The only wide receiver drafted after round three who made an impact was the Steelers' fourth round pick Martavis Bryant with with 26 receptions for 549 yards, a whopping 21.1 yard average and 8 touchdowns.

Remarkably, the totals accumulated by the 2014 draftees were decidedly front-ended, with surprising little help provided by the 18 wide receivers drafted after the third round. In order to accumulate hefty cumulative stats for an entire draft crop, you'd normally at least a few surprises from the later rounds. Wide receivers drafted after the third round in 2014 caught only 64 passes for 971 yards and 11 touchdowns, the poorest results since 2007 and 2008 for receivers taken so late in the draft. Note that the Steelers' Martavis Bryant. a fourth round pick, accounted for more than half those yards and touchdowns. In contrast to 2014, wide receivers drafted in the fourth round or later in 2009 caught 294 pass for 3,512 yards and 22 touchdowns. There are several ways of think about these results. The first is that teams can no longer wait until later in the draft to get a good wide receiver since there is such a high premium placed on the position in the pass-happy NFL. Another thought is that these results bode well for the potential lasting power of the 2014 draftees in their pursuit of becoming the best draft crop ever over their careers since the rookie totals were overwhelmingly accumulated by the best of the best and were not contributed to significantly by less athletic players who are less likely to keep up the pace over the long term.

Wide Receivers Drafted in 2014
Name Team Round Pick Player College Team Rec Yds Avg TD
Sammy WatkinsBills144ClemsonBills6598215.16
Mike EvansBuccaneers177Texas A&MBuccaneers68105115.512
Odell Beckham Jr.Giants11212Louisiana StateGiants91130514.312
Brandin CooksSaints12020Oregon StateSaints5355010.43
Kelvin BenjaminPanthers12828Florida StatePanthers73100813.89
Marqise LeeJaguars2739USCJaguars3742211.41
Jordan MatthewsEagles21042VanderbiltEagles6787213.08
Paul RichardsonSeahawks21345ColoradoSeahawks292719.31
Davante AdamsPackers22153Fresno StatePackers3844611.73
Cody LatimerBroncos22456IndianaBroncos22311.50
Allen RobinsonJaguars22961Penn StateJaguars4854811.42
Jarvis LandryDolphins23163Louisiana StateDolphins847589.05
Josh HuffEagles32286OregonEagles89812.30
Donte MoncriefColts32690MississippiColts3244413.93
John BrownCardinals32791Pittsburg State (KS)Cardinals4869614.55
Jalen SaundersJets44104OklahomaSaints177.00
Bruce Ellington49ers46106South Carolina49ers66210.32
Shaq EvansJets415115UCLA          
Martavis BryantSteelers418118ClemsonSteelers2654921.18
Kevin NorwoodSeahawks423123AlabamaSeahawks910211.30
Ryan GrantRedskins52142TulaneRedskins7689.70
Devin StreetCowboys56146PittsburghCowboys2189.00
Jared AbbrederisPackers536176Wisconsin          
Robert HerronBuccaneers69185WyomingBuccaneers6589.71
T.J. JonesLions613189Notre Dame          
Matt HazelDolphins614190Coastal Carolina          
Walt PowellCardinals620196Murray State          
Quincy EnunwaJets633209Nebraska          
Mike CampanaroRavens73218Wake Forest          
Jeff JanisPackers721236Saginaw Valley StatePackers2168.00
James WrightBengals724239Louisiana StateBengals59118.20
Tevin ReeseChargers725240Baylor          
Jeremy GallonPatriots729244Michigan          

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