Quarterback Changes 2018 to 2019

By Chris Malumphy

A dozen teams had a new primary QB in 2019 based on pass attems. The 49ers with Jimmy Garoppolo showed the most improvement adding nine victories. Lamar Jackson helped the Ravens add four victories over 2018 and the Cardinals gained 2.5 behind rookie Kyler Murray. The Redskins lost four more than a year ago and the Colts three more than in 2018.

Of course, even though they had fewer attempts, Drew Lock had a better record for the Broncos than Joe Flacco this season just as Dwayne Haskins led the Redskins to more victories than Case Keenum.

Quarterback Changes
Team20192018Change in
49ersJimmy Garoppolo13-3-0 (0.813)Nick Mullens4-12-0 (0.250)9.0
RavensLamar Jackson14-2-0 (0.875)Joe Flacco10-6-0 (0.625)4.0
CardinalsKyler Murray5-10-1 (0.344)Josh Rosen3-13-0 (0.188)2.5
JaguarsGardner Minshew6-10-0 (0.375)Blake Bortles5-11-0 (0.313)1.0
BroncosJoe Flacco7-9-0 (0.438)Case Keenum6-10-0 (0.375)1.0
TitansRyan Tannehill9-7-0 (0.563)Marcus Mariota9-7-0 (0.563)0.0
GiantsDaniel Jones4-12-0 (0.250)Eli Manning5-11-0 (0.313)-1.0
SteelersMason Rudolph8-8-0 (0.500)Ben Roethlisberger9-6-1 (0.594)-1.5
PanthersKyle Allen5-11-0 (0.313)Cam Newton7-9-0 (0.438)-2.0
DolphinsRyan Fitzpatrick5-11-0 (0.313)Ryan Tannehill7-9-0 (0.438)-2.0
ColtsJacoby Brissett7-9-0 (0.438)Andrew Luck10-6-0 (0.625)-3.0
RedskinsCase Keenum3-13-0 (0.188)Alex Smith7-9-0 (0.438)-4.0