2016 NFL Week 7 Interesting Facts

By Chris Malumphy

Week 7 100 yard rushers: Dolphins Jay Alayi 214, Bengals Jeremy Hill 168, Buccaneers Jacquizz Rodgers 154, Patriots LeGarrette Blount 127, Cardinals David Johnson 113, Titans DeMarco Murray 107, Broncos C.J. Anderson 107, Browns Kevin Hogan 104, Jets Matt Forte 100

Bengals Jeremy Hill (9 runs, 168 yds, 18.7 avg) & Browns Kevin Hogan (7, 104, 14.9) over 100 yds rushing in < 10 atts in the same Week 7 game.

Teams with 100 yrd rushers in week 7 went 6-2-1. Winners: Dolphins, Bengals, Buccaneers, Patriots, Broncos. Losers: Titans, Browns. Tie: Cardinals.

Week 7 teams with 100 yard receivers were 5-6. Winners: Bengals, Chargers, Colts, Packers, Dolphins. Losers: Falcons, Saints, Ravens, Redskins, Jaguars, Steelers.

Week 7 100 yard receivers: Falcons Julio Jones 174, Bengals A.J. Green 169, Chargers Tyrell Williams 140, Colts T.Y. Hilton 133, Packers Davante Adams 132, Saints Michael Thomas 130, Ravens Mike Wallace, 120, Redskins Jamison Crowder 108, Jaguars Marquise Lee 107, Steelers Antonio Brown 106, Dolphins Kenny Stills 100. Week 7 sack leaders: Seahawks C. Avril 2.5; Bears L. Floyd, Chargers J. Bosa, Browns E. Ogbah, Ravens M. Judon, Falcons V. Beasley 2.

Giants Landon Collins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie each grab two interceptions in Week 7 victory over Rams in London.

2016 Week 7 NFL Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

Eleven quarterbacks had QB Ratings of 100+ in Week 7. Only the Saints' Drew Brees and the Redskins' Kirk Cousins lost, both to other quarterbacks who topped 100.

The only quarterbacks with game QB Ratings greater than the Patriots' Tom Brady in Week 7 were the Jets' Geno Smith, the Bengals' Andy Dalton and the Chiefs' Alex Smith. Who would've guessed?

The Texans' Brock Osweiler doubled his passing yardage against the Broncos after the game was out of reach, yet finished with only 131 yds. Do the Texans miss Brian Hoyer?

The Browns' fifth string rookie quarterback Kevin Hogan passed for 100 yards in 24 attempts against the Bengals, but gained 104 yards with a longest of 28 in just 7 carries.

The Rams' Case Keenum went from a QB Rating of 126.7 in 28-31 Week 6 loss to the Lions to a 50.9 rating in a 10-26 Week 7 loss Giants in London. The Giants' Landon Collins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie robbed Keenum with two interceptions each. It's not always safe to travel abroad.

The Browns' Cody Kessler was once again moving the team before getting concussed. Kessler has now been knocked out of two of the last three games. The Browns' line and Kessler's smallish stature don't help. The Browns' have also had injuries to three other quarterbacks: Robert Griffin, Josh McCown and Charlie Whitehurst.

The Broncos' Trevor Siemian continues to prove you don't need to be a great quarterback, just solid, to win with Denver's defense and running game.

The injury limited Seahawks' Russell Wilson and the aging Cardinals' Carson Palmer couldn't put a touchdown on the board against solid defenses on Sunday night. And multiple missed chipped shot field goals added to the night's futility that resulted in an overtime tie. Bruce Arians and the Cardinals must be "kicking" themselves for not investing in better punters, place kickers and special teamers.

The Vikings' Sam Bradford came back to earth averaging only 5.5 yards per attempt in a 10-21 loss to Eagles. Bradford was sacked six times.

The Eagles' Carson Wentz had the lowest QB Rating (52.4) of any winning quarterback in Week 7, beating the Vikings and Sam Bradford (71.6) 21-10.

The Jets' Geno Smith (who left with injury) and Ryan Fitzpatrick both topped 100 QB Rating without an interception in 24-16 victory over Ravens despite being sacked a combined five times.

It is quite a shame that the miraculous talents of the Saints' Drew Brees are surrounded by so much mediocrity in New Orleans.

Chargers' QB Philip Rivers (86.5) had his worst QB Rating of the year in Week 7, yet out dueled the Falcons' Matt Ryan (87.0) 33-30.

The 2016 statistics of Browns' quarterback Cody Kessler (66.9 %comp, 7.1 yds/att, 10.6 yds/comp 3.0 %TD, 0.8 %Int) are very similar to those of the Chiefs' Alex Smith (67.8, 7.1, 10.4, 3.3, 0.9).

The Lions' Matthew Stafford is having a career year even without the great wide receiver Calvin Johnson: 68.0 %comp, 7.9 yds/att, 11.7 yds/comp, 15 TD, 4 Int, 105.7 QB Rating.

2016 Week 7 Passing Statistics
Geno SmithJetsRavens8450.09511.9112.500.0211132.8W 24 - 16
Andy DaltonBengalsBrowns281967.930811.027.100.0320128.3W 31 - 17
Alex SmithChiefsSaints241770.82148.928.300.000126.0W 27 - 21
Tom BradyPatriotsSteelers261973.12228.527.700.000124.2W 27 - 16
Andrew LuckColtsTitans392769.23539.137.700.0212123.1W 34 - 26
Jameis WinstonBuccaneers49ers302170.02699.0310.013.325117.2W 34 - 17
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsRavens14964.31208.617.100.0315115.2W 24 - 16
Drew BreesSaintsChiefs483777.13677.636.212.118110.3L 21 - 27
Kirk CousinsRedskinsLions393076.93017.712.600.0218106.9L 17 - 20
Matthew StaffordLionsRedskins291862.12669.213.400.0316103.5W 20 - 17
Aaron RodgersPackersBears563969.63265.835.400.0223102.2W 26 - 10
Ryan TannehillDolphinsBills251560.02048.214.000.01699.4W 28 - 25
Cody KesslerBrownsBengals11981.8827.500.000.00097.7L 17 - 31
Marcus MariotaTitansColts372259.52326.325.400.032595.8L 26 - 34
Tyrod TaylorBillsDolphins281450.02217.913.600.042188.5L 25 - 28
Trevor SiemianBroncosTexans251456.01576.314.000.00088.2W 27 - 9
Matt RyanFalconsChargers342264.72738.012.912.931787.0L 30 - 33
Philip RiversChargersFalcons442761.43718.412.312.342386.5W 33 - 30
Derek CarrRaidersJaguars372362.22005.412.700.00085.4W 33 - 16
Russell WilsonSeahawksCardinals372464.92256.100.000.012081.5T 6 - 6
Carson PalmerCardinalsSeahawks492959.23427.000.000.043180.5T 6 - 6
Eli ManningGiantsRams372464.91965.300.000.00078.2W 17 - 10
Landry JonesSteelersPatriots472961.72816.012.112.10076.6L 16 - 27
Sam BradfordVikingsEagles412458.52245.512.412.463571.6L 10 - 21
Brock OsweilerTexansBroncos412253.71313.200.000.01060.1L 9 - 27
Blake BortlesJaguarsRaiders432353.52465.712.324.71758.9L 16 - 33
Colin Kaepernick49ersBuccaneers341647.11434.212.912.943056.4L 17 - 34
Joe FlaccoRavensJets442556.82485.600.024.51954.0L 16 - 24
Carson WentzEaglesVikings281657.11384.913.627.10052.4W 21 - 10
Brian HoyerBearsPackers11436.4494.500.000.00050.9L 10 - 26
Case KeenumRamsGiants533260.42915.511.947.532050.1L 10 - 17
Travis BenjaminChargersFalcons100. 33 - 30
Kevin HoganBrownsBengals241250.01004.200.028.321026.4L 17 - 31
Matt BarkleyBearsPackers15640.0815.400.0213.311018.3L 10 - 26

2016 Week 6 NFL Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

Quarterback ratings may be more important than we generally give them credit. While they may not be the "perfect" method for evaluating individual passers, they do have significant value in telling how well a quarterback, and his team, did in a particular game. For instance, quarterbacks who have had a game rating of 100.0 or higher thus far in 2016 are 51-15 .773. That would be slightly better than 12 wins in a 16 game season. More impressive is that of those 15 losses, 11 came in games where the opposing quarterback had an even better quarterback rating. On only 4 occasions has a quarterback with a rating over 100.0 for the game lost to a quarterback whose rating was lower and on only three occasions has a quarterback with a rating of 100.0 plus lost to a quarterback with a rating under 100.0.

Quarterbacks with a game rating between 90.0 and 99.9 are 17-10 .630. Quarterbacks with game ratings of 80.0 to 89.9 are 10-22 .312. Quarterbacks with game ratings of 70.0 to 79.9 are 9-17 .346. Quarterbacks with game ratings of less than 70.0 are 5-28 .152. So if your favorite team is led by a quarterback whose QB rating is less than 90.0, you are fighting some serious odds against making the playoffs.

Week 6 saw some fine quarterback play go down the drain. The Rams' Case Keenum may have had the best game of his career completing 27 of 32 (84.4%) for 321 yards, 10 yards per attempt, three touchdowns and one interception resulting in a QB rating of 126.7. Given his past, Keenum is unlikely to ever match those figures again. Unfortunately for Keenum and the Rams, the Lions' Matthew Stafford was even better QB rating-wise (139.8), completing 23-31 (74.2%) for 270 yards and an 8.7 yard average, but most importantly four touchdowns and no interceptions. The Lions beat the Rams 31-28.

Browns' third round draft pick Cody Kessler played a solid game completing 26 of 41 (63.4%) for 336 yards, 8.2 yards per attempt, two touchdowns, no interceptions and a rating of 105.3. But the Titan's Marcus Mariota had his best game of the year completing 17 of 24 (70.8%) for 284 yards, an 11.8 yard average, three touchdowns, one interception and a rating of 132.6. The Titans beat the Browns 28-26 as Cleveland's comeback attempt fell short.

Andy Dalton also topped the 100.0 rating mark. But he faced Tom Brady, who had the best rating of the week. No surprise that the Patriots beat the Bengals 35-17.

The Falcons' Matt Ryan (102.8) was the only quarterback with a rating of over 100.0 in week 6 who lost to a quarterback with a lesser rating in the game, falling to Russell Wilson (88.8) and the Seahawks 26-24. Of course, the outcome might have been different if the refs hadn't missed the pass interference call that should have gone against Richard Sherman as the Falcons threatened to score at the end of the game.

The Jets must really reconsider the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation or somehow get him back on track if they have no faith in Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. The 49ers had little improvement replacing Blaine Gabbert with Colin Kaepernick. Maybe things will get better for Kaepernick as the rust wears off. Else we might see the return to action of Christian Ponder.

QB Game Rating Win-Loss Record
<= 69.95280.152

2016 Week 6 Passing Statistics
Tom BradyPatriotsBengals352982.937610.738.600.0318140.0W 35 - 17
Matthew StaffordLionsRams312374.22708.7412.900.015139.8W 31 - 28
Marcus MariotaTitansBrowns241770.828411.8312.514.2214132.6W 28 - 26
Case KeenumRamsLions322784.432110.039.413.1110126.7L 28 - 31
Drew BreesSaintsPanthers493469.44659.548.212.015118.2W 41 - 38
Dak PrescottCowboysPackers271866.72479.1311.113.7214117.4W 30 - 16
Drew StantonCardinalsJets11100.01212.000.000.000116.7W 28 - 3
Tyrod TaylorBills49ers261765.41796.927.700.030110.9W 45 - 16
Alex SmithChiefsRaiders221986.422410.200.000.011109.1W 26 - 10
Cody KesslerBrownsTitans412663.43368.224.900.0636105.3L 26 - 28
Andy DaltonBengalsPatriots312167.72548.213.200.0217103.4L 17 - 35
Matt RyanFalconsSeahawks422764.33358.037.112.4425102.8L 24 - 26
Eli ManningGiantsRavens463269.64038.836.524.316100.2W 27 - 23
Ryan TannehillDolphinsSteelers322475.02527.900.000.00097.4W 30 - 15
Carson PalmerCardinalsJets342367.62136.312.900.00094.4W 28 - 3
Philip RiversChargersBroncos291862.11786.113.400.021290.9W 21 - 13
Aaron RodgersPackersCowboys423173.82947.012.412.41090.8L 16 - 30
Brock OsweilerTexansColts392564.12696.925.112.611390.7W 26 - 23
Russell WilsonSeahawksFalcons372567.62707.300.000.01988.8W 26 - 24
Andrew LuckColtsTexans322165.62527.913.113.132187.0L 23 - 26
Kirk CousinsRedskinsEagles341852.92637.725.912.90085.8W 27 - 20
Blake BortlesJaguarsBears332060.62718.213.013.02884.3W 17 - 16
Cam NewtonPanthersSaints472757.43226.924.312.121983.8L 38 - 41
Derek CarrRaidersChiefs342264.72256.612.912.92481.1L 10 - 26
Terrelle PryorBrownsTitans11100. 26 - 28
Brian HoyerBearsJaguars493061.23026.200.000.01578.8L 16 - 17
Trevor SiemianBroncosChargers503060.02304.612.000.021077.9L 13 - 21
Colin Kaepernick49ersBills291344.81876.413.400.032077.8L 16 - 45
Carson WentzEaglesRedskins221150.01798.100.000.053477.7L 20 - 27
Joe FlaccoRavensGiants482654.23076.400.000.021473.9L 23 - 27
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersDolphins341955.91895.612.925.922057.1L 15 - 30
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsCardinals311651.61745.600.013.20055.0L 3 - 28
Jeremy MaclinChiefsRaiders100. 26 - 10
Landry JonesSteelersDolphins100. 15 - 30
Geno SmithJetsCardinals6466.7315.200.0116.71839.6L 3 - 28
EJ ManuelBills49ers200. 45 - 16

2016 Week 5 Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

Tom Brady is back, putting up good numbers against the hapless Cleveland Browns during Week 5 of the 2016 NFL season. Speaking of hapless, the San Diego Chargers continue to waste the talent and the production of quarterback Philip Rivers, finding yet another way to lose. On a brighter note, Sam Bradford continues to play good ball for the Minnesota Vikings who remain undefeated despite efforts to a myriad of players including quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, running back Adrian Peterson, both starting offensive tackles, and more.

Despite losing yet again, the Chicago Bears must be impressed by the continued strong play of Brian Hoyer. Make no mistake about it, Hoyer is not a great player, but he is certainly under-rated and may be a better alternative for the Bears than Jay Cutler, who seems to have all the talent in the world, but has erratic mechanics and seems to be in the mold of a Jeff George, perhaps a poor man's Jeff George at that. Over the years, Hoyer has typically been madly inconsistent, witness last year's playoffs with the Texans, but he has also had three winning seasons in a row, albeit in part-time duty: 2013 Cleveland 3-0, 2014 Cleveland 7-6, 2015 Houston 5-4. He is currently 1-2 with the Bears in 2016. Hoyer did not play in week one and entered the field the first time in 2016 during week two versus the Eagles after Cutler was injured. Since then Hoyer has been on fire, completing 71.4% of his passes for a 7.8 yard average per completion with six touchdowns and zero interceptions. Hoyer has passed for over 300 yards in each of his three starts. His quarterback rating for the year is 108.5 and he has had a rating of at least 120.0 in each of his past two games. Those numbers haven't been put up against the best defenses (Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Colts), but they do show that Hoyer is able to take advantage of what's available. Again, Hoyer is probably no team's long term solution, but he is undoubtedly better than many, and must at least be considered among the better backups in the league.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are several teams that must replace their starting quarterbacks soon. Case Keenum isn't the answer in Los Angeles, but the Rams have Jared Goff in training. The 49ers realize that Blaine Gabbert is not getting the job done and will give a start to Colin Kaepernick. Is Christian Ponder far behind. The Jets Ryan Fitzpatrick is having a miserable year, but New York doesn't seem to have any faith in Geno Smith, Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg. Offensive coordinator Chan Galey has worked a bit of magic in the past helping quarterbacks play above their talent, but he better get something done soon unless the Jets are willing to give up on 2016.

Brock Osweiler (Texans) and Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) aren't helping their teams and have those franchises in quarterback hell with expensive players who aren't horrible, but are certainly not good enough.

While both Jameis Winston (Buccaneers) and Marcus Mariota (Titans) showed promise as rookies in 2016, neither has played all that well in 2016, with Winston being particularly disappointing thus far. Even some of the stalwarts are having a difficult time in 2016 including Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning.

2016 Week 5 Passing Statistics
Matthew StaffordLionsEagles251976.01807.2312.000.0416135.0W 24 - 23
Tom BradyPatriotsBrowns402870.040610.237.500.013127.7W 33 - 13
Cody KesslerBrownsPatriots8562.5627.8112.500.000126.0L 13 - 33
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersJets473472.33808.148.500.018124.4W 31 - 13
Sam BradfordVikingsTexans302273.32719.026.700.0216123.1W 31 - 13
Philip RiversChargersRaiders302170.035912.0413.326.728122.1L 31 - 34
Brian HoyerBearsColts433376.73979.224.700.000120.0L 23 - 29
Dak PrescottCowboysBengals241875.02279.514.200.015117.9W 28 - 14
Marcus MariotaTitansDolphins292069.01635.6310.300.000117.5W 30 - 17
Andrew LuckColtsBears392871.83228.325.100.0524113.4W 29 - 23
Andy DaltonBengalsCowboys412970.72696.624.900.0420104.6L 14 - 28
Carson WentzEaglesLions332575.82387.226.113.038102.8L 23 - 24
Matt RyanFalconsBroncos281553.62679.513.600.021798.4W 23 - 16
Tyrod TaylorBillsRams231252.21245.428.700.021297.0W 30 - 19
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsSteelers382565.82556.712.600.031193.6L 13 - 31
Jameis WinstonBuccaneersPanthers301860.02197.313.300.021793.6W 17 - 14
Derek CarrRaidersChargers402562.53177.925.012.531793.4W 34 - 31
Kirk CousinsRedskinsRavens412970.72606.312.412.411085.4W 16 - 10
Joe FlaccoRavensRedskins463065.22104.612.200.032282.7L 10 - 16
Paxton LynchBroncosFalcons352365.72236.412.912.964081.0L 16 - 23
Charlie WhitehurstBrownsPatriots241458.31827.614.214.221478.8L 13 - 33
Eli ManningGiantsPackers351851.41995.712.900.031778.2L 16 - 23
Drew StantonCardinals49ers281139.31244.427.100.01877.1W 33 - 21
Case KeenumRamsBills312167.72718.700.026.542868.1L 19 - 30
Derek AndersonPanthersBuccaneers281864.32789.900.027.10067.3L 14 - 17
Aaron RodgersPackersGiants452351.12595.824.424.40065.0W 23 - 16
Ryan TannehillDolphinsTitans181266.719110.600.0211.164262.3L 17 - 30
Blaine Gabbert49ersCardinals311858.11625.213.226.572756.1L 21 - 33
Brock OsweilerTexansVikings421945.21844.412.412.442956.1L 13 - 31
Terrelle PryorBrownsPatriots3133.351.700.000.00042.4L 13 - 33
Jimmy GaroppoloPatriotsBrowns100. 33 - 13
Justin TuckerRavensRedskins100. 10 - 16

2016 Week 4 Passing Statistics

By Chris Malumphy

All of the quarterbacks with game QB ratings of 94.0 or high won during Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season. Conversely, all but two of the quarterbacks with game QB ratings of less than 94.0 lost. The only two exceptions were the Saints' Drew Brees (74.7) due to the incomprehensible meltdown during the final minutes of the San Diego Chargers and the Texans' Brock Osweiler (82.5) who actually outplayed his opposing quarterback Marcus Mariota (54.1).

Note that by cutting down on his interceptions from six in Week 3 to three in Week 4, the Jets' Ryan Fitzgerald jumped his game QB ratings from 18.2 to 53.1 albeit with yet another loss. With nine interceptions in the past two games, the Jets might want to consider looking towards the wealth of other quarterbacks they currently control: Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenburg. Or given that talent, perhaps not.

The Broncos' Trevor Siemian continues to play surprisingly well, and when he went out with injury, rookie Paxton Lynch didn't do too badly either. Rookie Cody Kessler completed 70 percent of his passes and helped keep the Browns in the game against Washington until Cleveland imploded with turnovers on three consecutive drives, but his meager 5.6 yards per attempt was worse than any quarterback not named Jameis Winston (5.1) or Drew Stanton (3.4) last week.

2016 Week 4 Passing Statistics
Ben RoethlisbergerSteelersChiefs272281.530011.1518.500.0213152.5W 43 - 14
Matt RyanFalconsPanthers372875.750313.6410.812.7322142.0W 48 - 33
Trevor SiemianBroncosBuccaneers7571.4689.7114.300.0320141.7W 27 - 7
Russell WilsonSeahawksJets322371.93099.739.400.0221133.5W 27 - 17
Derek CarrRaidersRavens352571.41995.7411.400.000123.4W 28 - 27
Brian HoyerBearsLions362877.83028.425.600.028120.1W 17 - 14
Kirk CousinsRedskinsBrowns272177.81836.8311.113.7327116.5W 31 - 20
Dak PrescottCowboys49ers322371.92457.726.200.0211114.7W 24 - 17
Andy DaltonBengalsDolphins312271.02969.513.200.0111111.8W 22 - 7
Case KeenumRamsCardinals301860.02668.926.700.0219111.2W 17 - 13
Sam BradfordVikingsGiants362672.22627.312.800.000101.9W 24 - 10
Blake BortlesJaguarsColts331957.62076.326.100.031296.4W 30 - 27
Tyrod TaylorBillsPatriots392769.22466.312.600.02294.6W 16 - 0
Paxton LynchBroncosBuccaneers241458.31707.114.200.01094.1W 27 - 7
Philip RiversChargersSaints432865.13217.524.712.331393.3L 34 - 35
Blaine Gabbert49ersCowboys231669.61968.514.314.31791.9L 17 - 24
Cam NewtonPanthersFalcons251456.01656.614.000.01889.6L 33 - 48
Derek AndersonPanthersFalcons231773.91727.528.728.70087.6L 33 - 48
Carson PalmerCardinalsRams362363.92888.012.812.832386.3L 13 - 17
Jacoby BrissettPatriotsBills271763.02057.600.000.031886.2L 0 - 16
Andrew LuckColtsJaguars422764.32345.624.812.464484.8L 27 - 30
Joe FlaccoRavensRaiders523261.52985.711.900.021683.7L 27 - 28
Brock OsweilerTexansTitans372567.62546.925.425.411082.5W 27 - 20
Cody KesslerBrownsRedskins402870.02235.612.512.51681.6L 20 - 31
Alex SmithChiefsSteelers503060.02875.724.012.041781.0L 14 - 43
Ryan TannehillDolphinsBengals251560.01897.614.014.052980.2L 7 - 22
Drew BreesSaintsChargers362363.92075.825.625.621574.7W 35 - 34
Eli ManningGiantsVikings452555.62615.800.012.20063.3L 10 - 24
Matthew StaffordLionsBears362363.92135.900.025.621656.8L 14 - 17
Marcus MariotaTitansTexans291344.82027.000.013.41654.1L 20 - 27
Ryan FitzpatrickJetsSeahawks412356.12616.412.437.341453.0L 17 - 27
Jameis WinstonBuccaneersBroncos351748.61795.100.025.753640.1L 7 - 27
Drew StantonCardinalsRams11436.4373.400.0218.2006.8L 13 - 17

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