2018 NFL Coaching Carousel

By Chris Malumphy
2018 Coaching Carousel Underway
CoachCareerCurrent Tenure2017
Sean McVay11500.6882017Rams11500.68811500.688
Bill Belichick25011800.6792000Patriots2147400.74313300.813
Mike Tomlin1166000.6592007Steelers1166000.65913300.813
Mike McCarthy1217010.6332006Packers1217010.6337900.438
Doug Pederson201200.6252016Eagles201200.62513300.813
Bruce Arians493010.6192013Cardinals493010.6198800.500
Mike Zimmer392500.6092014Vikings392500.60913300.813
Dan Quinn291900.6042015Falcons291900.60410600.625
Andy Reid18312010.6042013Chiefs532700.66310600.625
Sean Payton1057100.5972006Saints1057100.59711500.688
John Harbaugh946600.5882008Ravens946600.5889700.563
Pete Carroll1127910.5862010Seahawks794810.6219700.563
Ron Rivera644710.5762011Panthers644710.57611500.688
Sean McDermott9700.5632017Bills9700.5639700.563
Jason Garrett675300.5582010Cowboys675300.5589700.563
Jim Caldwell625000.5542014Lions362800.5639700.563
Chuck Pagano534300.5522012Colts534300.55241200.250
Jon Gruden958100.5402018Raiders        
Anthony Lynn9800.5292017Chargers9700.5639700.563
Marvin Lewis12511230.5272003Bengals12511230.5277900.438
Doug Marrone262400.5202016Jaguars11700.61110600.625
John Fox13312300.5202015Bears143400.29251100.313
Adam Gase161600.5002016Dolphins161600.50061000.375
Jack Del Rio939400.4972015Raiders252300.52161000.375
Bill O'Brien313300.4842014Texans313300.48441200.250
Ben McAdoo131500.4642016Giants131500.46421000.167
Jay Gruden283510.4452014Redskins283510.4457900.438
Dirk Koetter141800.4382016Buccaneers141800.43851100.313
Todd Bowles222900.4312015Jets202800.41751100.313
Mike Mularkey365300.4042016Titans181400.5639700.563
Kyle Shanahan61000.375201749ers61000.37561000.375
Vance Joseph51100.3132017Broncos51100.31351100.313
Steve Spagnuolo114100.2122017Giants1300.2501300.250
Hue Jackson93900.1882016Browns13100.03101600.000
Matt Nagy    2018Bears        

2018 Tentative First Round NFL Draft Order

By Chris Malumphy

2018 NFL Draft Order - First Round
PickValueTeamRecord / Strength of ScheduleNeeds
(from NFL.com)
13000Cleveland Browns0-16 (.520) QB, RB, CB
22600New York Giants3-13 (.531) OT, QB, RB
32200Indianapolis Colts4-12 (.480) ILB, OL, Edge
41800Cleveland Brownsvia Texans 4-12 (.516) QB, RB, CB
51700Denver Broncos5-11 (.492) OG, QB, OT
61600New York Jets5-11 (.520) QB, RB, OT
71500Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-11 (.555) DE, RB, CB
81400Chicago Bears5-11 (.559) WR, OL, CB
9 (tie)1350San Francisco 49ers6-10 (.512) WR, OL, CB
9 (tie)1300Oakland Raiders6-10 (.512) CB, ILB, OT
111250Miami Dolphins6-10 (.543) OG, ILB, RB
121200Cincinnati Bengals7-9 (.465) OL, QB, LB
13 (tie)1150Green Bay Packers7-9 (.539) CB, OL, WR
13 (tie)1100Washington Redskins7-9 (.539) QB, LB, S
151050Arizona Cardinals8-8 (.488) QB, OL, WR
161000Baltimore Ravens9-7 (.441) WR, TE, RB
17950Los Angeles Chargers9-7 (.457) OT, QB, LB
18900Seattle Seahawks9-7 (.492) OT, CB, OG
19875Dallas Cowboys9-7 (.496) TE, DT, CB
20850Detroit Lions9-7 (.496) DE, OG, LB
21800Buffalo Bills9-7 (.492) QB, LB, DT
22780Buffalo Billsvia Chiefs 10-6 (.477) QB, LB, DT
23760Los Angeles Rams11-5 (.504) CB, OL, LB
24740Carolina Panthers11-5 (.539) OL, WR, DE
25700Tennessee Titans9-7 (.434) Edge, OG, TE
26720Atlanta Falcons10-6 (.543) DT, OG, S
27680New Orleans Saints11-5 (.535) QB, C, WR
28640Pittsburgh Steelers13-3 (.453) ILB, QB, S
Tentative Selections to be Determined by Playoff Results
PickValueTeamRecord / Strength of ScheduleNeeds
(from NFL.com)
29660Jacksonville Jaguars10-6 (.434) TE, OG, WR
30600Philadelphia Eagles13-3 (.461) LT, LB, CB
31590New England Patriots13-3 (.484) CB, QB, Edge
32620Minnesota Vikings13-3 (.492) OT, OG, DL
Teams without a First Round Selection
PickValueTeamRecord / Strength of ScheduleNeeds
(from NFL.com)
  Houston Texans4-12 (.516)OL, S, CB
  Kansas City Chiefs10-6 (.477)CB, WR, S
Note: A coin flip will used to determine the order of selection for the 9th and 10th picks between the 49ers and Raiders as well as for the 13th and 14th picks between the Packers and Redskins.

Could the 2018 NFL Draft Challenge the Record for Most Quarterbacks Selected in the 1st Round?

By Chris Malumphy

With the recent announcements by several collegiate underclass quarterbacks that they will be entering the 2018 NFL Draft, and the undeniable need of several professional teams to improve at that position, it is entirely possible that the record for the most number of quarterbacks selected in the first round set in 1983 could be challenged.

Six quarterbacks were selected in the first round of the 1983 in what arguably might be considered the greatest NFL Draft of all time. That draft produced seven Hall of Famers, including three of those quarterbacks: John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. Elway led the Denver Broncos to five Super Bowl Appearances, including two victories. Kelly and the Buffalo Bills went to four Super Bowls. Marino led the Dolphins to one. Even Tony Eason, perhaps the second least accomplished member of the 1983 quarterback sextet was a Super Bowl starter with the Patriots. The Jets Ken O'Brien had a decent career. The only dud was the Chiefs' Todd Blackledge. Others elected to the Hall of Fame drafted in 1983 were running back Eric Dickerson, offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, defensive back (and fastest man in the NFL) Darrell Green and defensive end Richard Dent. All but Dent were drafted in the first round.

The NFL Draft with the second most number of quarterbacks selected in the first round was 1999 with five. That group had far fewer career accomplishments with only the Eagles' Donavon McNabb (one Super Bowl appearance) having much success. The other quarterbacks taken in the first round in 1999 were: Tim Couch (Browns), Akili Smith (Bengals), Daunte Culpepper (Vikings) and Cade McNown (Bears). Culpepper's promising career was thwarted by a devastating injury. Couch had the disadvantage of being thrown into the fire for an expansion team where he had few moments to shine. Smith and McNown were not NFL caliber players or personalities.

The top quarterbacks entering the 2018 NFL Draft appear to be:

It still too early to tell how these quarterbacks will ultimately be ranked by professional teams, but it seems likely that Darnold, Rosen and possibly Allen will be among the top five choices in the draft. Several teams might also place first round value on Jackson and Mayfield based on their overwhelming collegiate success even though others question whether their games will translate well at the professional level. If there is an early run on quarterbacks, the door may open for quarterbacks currently thought of by many as second tier, like Rudolph, Falk and Finley, to be taken by quarterback desperate teams later in the first round. Much will depend on the level of desperation.

The Browns (1st and 4th picks), Giants (2nd), Broncos (5th), Jets (6th) are all in search of quarterbacks, so it is not inconceivable that four players will be taken at that position within the first six picks. With the retirement of Carson Palmer, the Arizona Cardinals (15th) are also in the hunt. Many Buffalo fans are tired of the conservative play of Tyrod Taylor and currently with the 21st and 25th picks (which is likely to change a bit based in the outcome of the playoffs), the Bills have some draft capital that other teams don't. Bills fans should know, however, that according to the draft value charts, the 21st and 25th picks only equal the 7th pick in the draft, by which time the top four quarterbacks are likely to be gone. Thus, the Bills, or any other team hoping to move up, may need to pay an overwhelming ransom just to get into the game, let alone get the quarterback they truly want. And the Patriots, Saints, Steelers and Chargers may also looking towards the future and be shopping for a quality quarterback to be trained in waiting. While you're thinking about it, don't forget the other teams who having quarterbacks on the wain (Ravens) or those who have never been able to get over the hump with their current starter (Bengals, Dolphins). And I haven't even mentioned the Jaguars. As the Bills, Bengals, Ravens and Dolphins (among others) have found in recent years, being around .500 year after year can be a painful experience which continually keeps you out of the top portion of the draft where future franchise quarterbacks tend to reside.

But not every team will look to the draft for their next quarterback. There are also a slew of potential trade and free agent possibilities. The Redskins might decide that Kirk Cousins is no longer affordable, which would make him available to other teams, but would also put Washington into the quarterback hunt. With Patrick Mahomes in the wings, the Chiefs' Alex Smith might become available. Of course, Eli Manning and the Giants may also decide to separate sooner rather than later. Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford and Case Keenum are unlikely to remain together as a trio in Minnesota next season, so one or two of them might be on the market. Although he is not an overwhelming favorite in Buffalo, Tyrod Taylor might be good enough to stabilize a team seeking to cut down on turnovers and mistakes while developing a more commanding choice for the future. The Bengals AJ McCarron might fall into a similar category. And who knows, Jay Cutler might be up for one more season if the Dolphins don't want him around after Ryan Tannehill returns to action.

It is dangerous to reach for a quarterback, especially after the top one or two are off the boards. There have been a few too many unproductive 1st round picks in the last 10 years to raise concern: Paxton Lynch, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, EJ Manuel, Brandon Weeden, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Tim Tebow, March Sanchez, Josh Freeman. Still, if a team needs a quarterback, they have to take a chance one way or the other. Coaches and General Managers who produce .500 teams or less don't last long.

Years with Four+ Quarterbacks Selected in the First Round
YearNumberName (Player, Team, College)
19836John Elway (1, Colts, Stanford); Todd Blackledge (7, Chiefs, Penn State); Jim Kelly (14, Bills, Miami (FL)); Tony Eason (15, Patriots, Illinois); Ken O'Brien (24, Jets, California-Davis); Dan Marino (27, Dolphins, Pittsburgh);
19995Tim Couch (1, Browns, Kentucky); Donovan McNabb (2, Eagles, Syracuse); Akili Smith (3, Bengals, Oregon); Daunte Culpepper (11, Vikings, Central Florida); Cade McNown (12, Bears, UCLA);
20124Andrew Luck (1, Colts, Stanford); Robert Griffin III (2, Redskins, Baylor); Ryan Tannehill (8, Dolphins, Texas A&M); Brandon Weeden (22, Browns, Oklahoma State);
20114Cam Newton (1, Panthers, Auburn); Jake Locker (8, Titans, Washington); Blaine Gabbert (10, Jaguars, Missouri); Christian Ponder (12, Vikings, Florida State);
20044Eli Manning (1, Chargers, Mississippi); Philip Rivers (4, Giants, North Carolina State); Ben Roethlisberger (11, Steelers, Miami (OH)); J.P. Losman (22, Bills, Tulane);
20034Carson Palmer (1, Bengals, USC); Byron Leftwich (7, Jaguars, Marshall); Kyle Boller (19, Ravens, California); Rex Grossman (22, Bears, Florida);
19874Vinny Testaverde (1, Buccaneers, Miami (FL)); Kelly Stouffer (6, Cardinals, Colorado State); Chris Miller (13, Falcons, Oregon); Jim Harbaugh (26, Bears, Michigan);
19594Randy Duncan (1, Packers, Iowa); Don Allard (4, Redskins, Boston College); Dave Baker (5, 49ers, Oklahoma); Lee Grosscup (10, Giants, Utah);

Draft Status of 2018 Hall of Fame Nominee Finalists

By Chris Malumphy

2018 NFL Hall of Fame Nominee Finalists
RBEdgerrin James1999Colts144Miami (FL)
WRRandy Moss1998Vikings12121Marshall
WRIsaac Bruce1994Rams2433Memphis
WRTerrell Owens199649ers32889Tennessee-Chattanooga
TTony Boselli1995Jaguars122USC
TJoe Jacoby1981Redskins   Louisville
GSteve Hutchinson2001Seahawks11717Michigan
GAlan Faneca1998Steelers12626Louisiana State
GJerry Kramer1958Packers4239Idaho
CKevin Mawae1994Seahawks2736Louisiana State
LBRobert Brazile1975Oilers166Jackson State
LBBrian Urlacher2000Bears199New Mexico
LBRay Lewis1996Ravens12626Miami (FL)
DBTy Law1995Patriots12323Michigan
DBBrian Dawkins1996Eagles23161Clemson
DBJohn Lynch1993Buccaneers32682Stanford
DBEverson Walls1981Cowboys   Grambling State
General ManagerBobby Beathard     El Camino

Draft Status of the 2017 Pro Football Focus All-Pro Team

By Chris Malumphy

Pro Football Focus has selected its 2017 NFL All-Pro Team and has provided grades and detailed information for its selections. Check it out at: ProFootballFocus.com. It is well worth the read.

The table below shows when the PFF All-Pro Team members were drafted.

Draft Status of 2017 Pro Football Focus All-Pro Selections
QB1st TeamTom BradyPatriots2000Patriots633199QBMichigan
2nd TeamMatt RyanFalcons2008Falcons133QBBoston College
RB1st TeamTodd GurleyRams2015Rams11010RBGeorgia
2nd TeamDion LewisPatriots2011Eagles518149RBPittsburgh
WR1st TeamAntonio BrownSteelers2010Steelers626195WRCentral Michigan
2nd TeamKeenan AllenChargers2013Chargers31476WRCalifornia
WR1st TeamJulio JonesFalcons2011Falcons166WRAlabama
2nd TeamMichael ThomasSaints2016Saints21647WROhio State
TE1st TeamRob GronkowskiPatriots2010Patriots21042TEArizona
2nd TeamHunter HenryChargers2016Chargers2435TEArkansas
Flex O1st TeamDeAndre HopkinsTexans2013Texans12727WRClemson
2nd TeamAlvin KamaraSaints2017Saints3367RBTennessee
LT1st TeamDavid BakhtiariPackers2013Packers412109 TColorado
2nd TeamJoe Staley49ers200749ers12828 TCentral Michigan
LG1st TeamAndrew NorwellPanthers2014           Ohio State
2nd TeamJoel BitonioBrowns2014Browns2335 GNevada
C1st TeamJason KelceEagles2011Eagles626191 CCincinnati
2nd TeamTravis FrederickCowboys2013Cowboys13131 CWisconsin
RG1st TeamDavid DeCastroSteelers2012Steelers12424 GStanford
2nd TeamZack MartinCowboys2014Cowboys11616 TNotre Dame
RT1st TeamDaryl WilliamsPanthers2015Panthers43102 GOklahoma
2nd TeamDemar DotsonBuccaneers2009           Southern Mississippi
DI1st TeamAaron DonaldRams2014Rams11313DTPittsburgh
2nd TeamKawann ShortPanthers2013Panthers21244DTPurdue
DI1st TeamGeno AtkinsBengals2010Bengals422120DTGeorgia
2nd TeamNdamukong SuhDolphins2010Lions122DTNebraska
Edge1st TeamCameron JordanSaints2011Saints12424DECalifornia
2nd TeamCalais Campbell Jaguars2008Cardinals21950DEMiami (FL)
Edge1st TeamVon MillerBroncos2011Broncos122LBTexas A&M
2nd TeamDeMarcus LawrenceCowboys2014Cowboys2234DEBoise State
LB1st TeamBobby WagnerSeahawks2012Seahawks21547LBUtah State
2nd TeamLavonte DavidBuccaneers2012Buccaneers22658LBNebraska
LB1st TeamLuke KuechlyPanthers2012Panthers199LBBoston College
2nd TeamDeion JonesFalcons2016Falcons22152LBLouisiana State
CB1st TeamCasey HaywardChargers2012Packers23062DBVanderbilt
2nd TeamTre'Davious WhiteBuffalo Bills2017Bills12727DBLouisiana State
CB1st TeamJalen Ramsey Jaguars2016Jaguars155DBFlorida State
2nd TeamA.J. Bouye Jaguars2013           Central Florida
S1st TeamHarrison SmithVikings2012Vikings12929DBNotre Dame
2nd TeamLamarcus JoynerRams2014Rams2941DBFlorida State
S1st TeamAdrian AmosBears2015Bears56142DBPenn State
2nd TeamGlover QuinLions2009Texans412112DBNew Mexico
Flex D1st TeamKevin ByardTitans2016Titans3164DBMiddle State
2nd TeamPatrick RobinsonEagles2010Saints13232DBFlorida State
K1st TeamMatt PraterLions2006           Central Florida
2nd TeamRobbie Gould49ers2005           Penn State
P1st TeamThomas MorsteadSaints2009Saints 528164 PSouthern Methodist
2nd TeamBrett KernTitans2008           Toledo
KR1st TeamPharoh CooperRams2016Rams419117WRSouth Carolina
2nd TeamTyler LockettSeahawks2015Seahawks3569WRKansas State
ST1st TeamMichael ThomasDolphins2016Saints21647WROhio State
2nd TeamBudda BakerCardinals2017Cardinals2436DBWashington

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